Britain's Corbyn-panicked oligarchs are shifting money offshore


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I’m fairly sure they’re less panicked by Corbyn and more concerned about Brexit fucking up the country where they (until now) keep their things.


Fixed that for you


Who says you can’t take it with you?


They’re afraid of a little disclosure and transparency. That is very far from the worst that could happen to them. They don’t get their wealth confiscated, and they get to keep to keep their heads on their shoulders. Maybe they should be happy about that.


Light, meet the cockroaches.


That’s my take as well. Whether Corbyn gets in or whether the Tories keep going they know that the post-Brexit economy is going to end up in the kind of mess that prompts governments to place strict controls on how much money can be removed from the domestic market. The oligarchs are exfiltrating some of their assets while they still can.


I’d have thought it’s the Unexplained Wealth Order being unleashed for the first time…


Came here to say this. Thank you!


“Well blast it all! That law was to force poor people to explain money they shouldn’t have, not prevent people like us from hiding their money as proper and the way God intended!”


It’s a sad indictment that someone subject to an anonymity order in the UK can be referred to as follows:

During the first challenge to an UWO, the High Court revealed that “Mrs A” is the wife of a state banker from a “non-EEA country”, that also cannot be named for legal reasons.

The couple have an estimated wealth of more than £55m ($72.5m), and 10 years ago, Mr A applied to settle in the UK under the visa scheme for wealthy investors.

The first London property was bought the following year - but Mr A was subsequently jailed overseas after being convicted of a major fraud.

Mrs A is also wanted for trial - but has been living what the court heard was an “extravagant” lifestyle in the UK, spending the vast sums her husband allegedly embezzled.

Jonathan Hall QC, for the NCA, told the court that Mrs A had spent £16m in Harrods over 10 years.

(from this BBC story before the order was lifted:

Apparently, we have so many wives of state bankers from non-EEA countries who have been convicted of major fraud living extravagant lifestyles in the UK that all of that information was thought not to be enough to identify her.

The important part here is of course that he was convicted. Merely dodgy money is more than welcome.

We are after all “open for business”.

Just don’t be stupid enough to get caught and weak/unconnected enough that your enemies can get you jailed.


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