British Airways to buy 200 Boeing 737 MAX jets

And given how (amazingly, still, despite its decline on so many fronts) BA is still respected, one wonders how much Boeing paid for this endorsement. A very, very big discount, I’ll be bound.


It’s pretty memorable! What nickname did the A380 get? Frankly, the 737 Max?

So Brexit Deathliner - fuckin’ A! It’s like Death Cigarettes - they sold a ton!! Paint skulls and crosses on them, name each one like Virgin does - “Ashen Bird of Mourning”, “Skeletal Remains”, “Reaper’s Rennaissance”, “Phoenix for Now” - you’d sort of turn marketing on its head!

Everyone would giggle at every bump and twist in the flight - there’d be Insta posts at the Ghoulish Gate staffed by Sermonising Stewards and Sawn-In-Half Stewardesses! Pilots would laughingly throw the aircraft into a steep dive, egging eachother on, just to see if they are the lucky next famed ones!

Ah man, totally integral marketing that upsets the apple cart, let me tell you!


Don’t worry guys, these are single use airplanes.


“Unicorn Chaser” but the logo is a dismembered foot on a beach


This was a good article, thanks for posting.

$24 billion agreement with British Airways owner IAG SA.

It’s going to be a lot less than that. IAG is a major operator of Boeing planes and will get hefty discounts on the list price even before they start playing hardball about how Boeing really needs a big sale at the Paris Airshow.

Airbus is cranking out A320s from all three production lines just as fast as it can. It couldn’t take the new business even if IAG came knocking on its door.

Any word on whether they’ll be extra flammable, in a cost effective sort of way?

As much as people are enjoying dunking on Boeing here, I’m pretty sure most of us would be unhappy to see them go away.

Yes they need to fix these planes.
Yes they need to fix the corporate mentality that led to this clusterfuck.

But if they tank and we are left with a monopoly on the aircraft market (at least at the level we’re talking about, yes I know smaller aircraft builders exist), that is a net loss for anyone who ever needs/wants to get into a plane.

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This seems very on-brand for BA. Good to know that a carrier that sucks so badly that I refuse to use it is taking all these death-traps off the market.

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You are right - we just wish there was some mechanism in capitalism for punishing grossly immoral behavior and there isn’t. Boeing could be totally destroyed and none of the people that made the murderous decisions on the MAX would be hurt.


Positive for climate change tho

The pilots were struck in the Matrix. Instead of controlling the plane, they were controlling a simulator that was making suggestions to an autopilot that was controlling the plane. The simulator might have been working fine but the autopilot kept crashing and killing everybody.

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How about a Skellinore chaser?


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Oh man I want to get into this!! Dark Enlightenment logos for the Endz of the Dayz!

I hope you do not expect to have a reasonable debate at this late stage of capitalism this thread.

Sorry Rob, mea culpa. Quoted you from memory.

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It’s the “too big to fail” argument.

The real issue is not that bankrupting Boeing, breaking it up, and selling the assets would be too traumatic, but that it might not be traumatic enough. Some investors will lose and others will get a good deal on some cheap airplane factories and the dance will continue.

Wanna ride in my great big computerized plane? It’s totally safe, I promise.

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Why didn’t you say it’s to big to fail in the first place?