British army targeted "stressed" 16-year-olds on exam-results day with Facebook recruitment ads


Here you go - knock yourself out…

I haven’t checked all 27 member states other than the UK but Finland, Sweden and Denmark all have 18. Germany has 17. As does the Netherlands.

Mind you according to the CIA, Norway also has 17 as the minimum age, so…


A recruitment drive, strategically timed for a period when a plethora of youth are giving serious thought to their future career prospects.

Whether you think this is ingenious, obvious, or insidious, probably depends on your attitude to the place of military expansion in general.
For me, it’s a “meh”. That’s what tech lets us do now. If a suicide hotline did an awareness blitz of the same shape at the same time, it would be lauded, not cynical.

As with many other commodities or choices, how much the industries (are allowed to) advertise depends a whole heap on culture, and is not always consistent.

Where I come from (AFAIR),
Advertising cigarettes has been completely curtailed for a long time,
Alcohol ads are permitted (but have to refrain from showing anyone actually drinking (?)),
Military enlistment ads are allowed in most media, but are not ‘glorified’,
Escort agencies and brothels (legal) can recruit in print and on billboards,
Fast food ads cannot show during childrens programming (which is pretty cool, IMO),
Weapon ads are unheard of (outside trade mags),
And almost no Pharma/drugs can/do promote themselves directly on tv or print (outside trade mags).

Many countries I’ve spent time in place each of these social risks at different points on a sliding scale.

Where I am now, the liquor industry - which is prohibited from advertising on TV (and even blanks out all beer ads on international sports footage) - has discovered that running a line of soda water with their same logo does a pretty good job of getting them airtime. :smile_cat:


parental consent in the UK too. 18, or 16 with parental consent.

(You also can’t be deployed until you’re 18)


This sets the UK position out quite neatly:

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