Terror squad yanks 12-year-old out of class over plan to protest at David Cameron's office


Hey, UK: 1984 was meant as a warning, not a training manual!

Hopefully someday this boy will work for Google … and then Google will pay for a private protest for his local youth club.

If any violence occurs? I thought the riot police would guarantee violence?


You’re on the wrong thread man… If you have something relevant to say regarding this story let’s hear it. But if all you came to do was to gripe about google, the appropriate forum is easy to find a couple of posts back.

Twelve year olds. Are they the greatest threat to Great Britain? Experts say “I’ll need more money before I say anything like that”.

“Terror squad” seems entirely appropriate, as they seem to make it their job to terrorize soft targets.

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Just for clarity: The anti-terrorism squad did not yank him out of class; the anti-terrorism squad took an interest in the Facebook post and contacted the school.

Thames Valley Police sent a “schools officer” (whatever that means) to the school, and Wishart was asked by the school secretary to leave the classroom to talk to the officer.

So don’t anyone go getting visions of tooled-up kevlar-vested armed police bursting into the class-room.

How about a followup article on how the young man is doing now?

Yet. That’s the direction it seems society is headed towards now.

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Yes, it was an entirely voluntary and thoughtful intercourse between a uniformed police officer and a 12 year old child.

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