NYC mayor "shocked and troubled" by teen's climb to top of WTC spire


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There was some nice gratuitous union bashing in the NY Post version of this story.


High School me would have been envious of this kid beyond words. Honestly I still kind of am… sounds like a grand ol’adventure.

It sucks that they took his tech, and I hope he gets off without any legal repercussions and gets his pictures back. The guessing at his “motive” is hilarious when it’s so obvious.


Clearly he is a terrorist in training and needs to be sent to Gitmo.


Shocked by what?

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Maybe we could say everyone he contacted on his way to the top correctly assessed his lack of destructive intent. As recently stated: “Science says trust is good for you… and it’s good for society.”


Glad to see that people still have the urge to get up to this kind of mischief, and sad to see that the police are still predictably even less humorless about it.


Awww, how adorable… New York turns its police force into a small; but paranoid and well funded, national security state, complete with farcical and probably illegal activities abroad, systematic repression at home, and they can’t stop J. Random Kid from getting all up in their shiny new Symbolic Big Building?

You guys are lucky that most of the terrorist population is hiding out in your paranoid fantasies; because otherwise that could have been embarrassing to a fairly serious degree…


He was dropped off on the 88th floor and hiked the stairs up to the 104th floor — where a guard assigned to protect the top of the world’s biggest terror target was sound asleep.



EDIT: The more I think about this, the more confused I become. Are they talking about the towers that used to be there? Do they mean currently it is, or after the new one is finished? Do they mean “big” as in size, or as in importance? IT COULD MEAN ANYTHING! ANYTHING. It’s like a logical black hole.


This kid has balls…the city should hire him!


Yes. And if you’re not terrified then you hate freedom.


It takes a kid to show how silly and fake our ‘secure’ world really is.

Someone give this kid some better equipment and set him loose, he’s got serious cojones.


It could have been worse. At least the kid didn’t buy a really big beverage.


I’m shocked and troubled too. New York is a complete mess of security theater - almost every building requires a check-in with some doorman, who may ask you to write your name, may ask you to present ID, may even ask to take your picture. And when it comes right down to it, it makes none of us any safer. We need security, especially in places like the 1 World Trade building, but it needs to be meaningful and needs to actually make us safer.


“Obviously, it was shocking and troubling,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio, “and I don’t know how possibly it could have happened.”

That sounds more like a failure of imagination than anything.


Yep. Alternate news headline that we’ll not be seeing: "Teen Climbs To Top of WTC! Nothing Happens!"


ROFL. Yeah, that’s useless at best, and probably worse than useless.

Let’s assume, for a moment, that someone entered a building with a massive building destroying bomb in a back pack. They check in with security, write their name in the register, show some ID, then proceed downstairs and blow up the building. Um … what use is that now destroyed register again?

Hey, newly elected “liberal progressive” mayor: worry about things that matter, m’kay?

Like if I can’t find a cab when I need one. That’s important. Thinking a (competent) terrorist is going to go after the same target again isn’t (and it’s stupid).

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Pretty awesome huh? Now an empty building is a target for terror.

Personally I think allowing buildings to experience emotions is taking our love of technology too far. What happens when the building starts feeling more than just terror, but actual anger or even just resentment? Then what? It’s a goddamn slippery slope, that’s what.

Also boo! Give us more money.


Indeed. If what I am learning from action movies is any help, those poor schmucks main role is to get shot by the suspiciously foreign criminal and/or terrorist mastermind as they take over the building (which goes to establish ruthlessness, of course). (Following which said bullet sponge is replaced by a deceptively white and masculine yet secretly evil fake security guard who may or may not have a giveaway accent of some sort).

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