Some guy is climbing Trump Tower in Manhattan


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A risky bid, but someone had to throw that ring back into the smoldering cauldron of hatred from whence it came.


Sounds like one of those 21st Amendment People.




Phew…the Trump name isn’t in the news enough. This brave guy is righting that wrong.


“Some guy is climbing Trump Tower in Manhattan! Hear he could be ISIS! Obama has no plan! Sad! Wall just got ten feet higher!” ~ Donald Trump, Twitter.


Boy, is he going to be disappointed when he finds out there is no roof…just that the walls were artfully layered together and sprayed with shellac to mimic the appearance of a solid roof.


He better be careful or Ted Cruz will bite it off his finger at the last moment.


I don’t see the big deal. Flies are always attracted to shit.


Keep that guy away from the wall!


Oops, wrong issue, or is it…


Aw man, if you are going to do it, wear a cool costume. Like Spiderman. Or this


The NYPD seem to be doing a fine job at handling this in a measured and thought through manner.



I really kind of hope the guy turns out to be a Mexican immigrant demonstrating how futile that thing would be.


Dan Goodman used to do this sort of thing back in the 1980’s. He had the Chicago fire department try to spray him off the Sears Tower with a fire hose. I suppose the police are just keeping up the tradition…


Is this the thing where he claims to be a time traveler and urges Trump to drop out of the race, travel to Denali and await further instructions? Also, he kind of looks like Badger doesn’t he?

EDIT: Watched video. Must vote for Trump.


The use of suction cups is an obvious choice. Adhesion is increased, because the building also sucks.


creepy video released with ‘message’

Crap. This is all just to get a meeting with “Mr. Trump”—probably to let him know how Jesus told him the CIA is controlling our cats or some such.

After such a long climb, I was really hoping we’d be rewarded with something meaningful and insightful–like a 40 foot penis banner with Trump’s face on the tip. You know, something enlightened.


These kids and their Pokemons.


Anyone who harbored a belief that this guy wasn’t going to turn out to be a complete nutter should spend less time consuming narrative fiction.