NYPD gathering evidence in Brooklyn Bridge flag prank




The perps will be thoroughly choked. Any surviving suspects will be prosecuted.


Sounds like a perfectly reasonable use of law enforcement resources.



They should have some sort of UV-reactive paint that turns the flags into “For Sale” signs after a few days…


Glad to know all the thefts, rapes and murders have been solved in NYC. It must now be the safest place on earth.


Oh, man. It seems like just yesterday that Martha Stewart got out!


Clearly a false flag operation.
Tin foil hats: deploy!


Perhaps it’s a promo for “The Bridge: NY”


You don’t understand, we spend 4.6 billion dollars a year with an anti-terrorism task force that rivals the FBI. What these punks, these, , these… ruffians, have done is besmirch their fine work and make a mockery of this spending.

If scalawags like these can accomplish the nefarious task of changing a flag out without being caught and found guilty, imagine what a jihad terrorist group with funding and the willpower could accomplish!

Why, they might try to burn through all the wire ropes with a blow torch! Or try to blow up a trunk of propane tanks! We have no choice but to fund the local variant of the Motherland Security Force in perpetuity and do what we can in the name of safety!


You misspelled “witnesses” s u s p e c t s.


“NYPD says in the piece that it doesn’t gather images from social media or drivers’ licenses to use in the system, but it’s hard to take that claim seriously.”

With stuff like this taking up time and resources, it’s hard to take NYPD seriously about anything.


I can’t be bothered to turn this into a joke because it’s too fucking sad. Just google “DNA BACKLOG.” Priorities.


next stop: The Whitehouse


I really hope it turns out the FBI did it just to stick a thumb in NYPD’s (black and) blue eye.


“Brooklyn Bridge DNA Collector”

Worst job in NYC.


Scofflaws! Ne’er do wells! Bounders!

Why, if this were Mother Russia, they would be sentenced, then convicted, and finally tried for hooliganism!


Investigators have not had luck in using facial recognition software on security footage gathered from the site.

So the dazzler does work


Well of course, that’s how those people would do it, they have no respect for the rights of law!

Here a jury of their peers sentences them based on a pack of outrageous accusations piled on until doing five years seems lenient in the face of hundreds of years of maximum sentences. Much more dignified and humanitarian than those socialists.


Yeah, I’d vote for them too :smiley:


So, living in a police state… How’s that working out?