Don't discuss the environment if you're brown and British (Ahmed Mohamed with UK characteristics)

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What the actual fuck? I’d rather the schools in my country didn’t decide to get on board the crazy train along with America’s crappiest offerings.


Well, our government does consider environmentalists to be akin to terrorists, so this sadly isn’t that surprising… :confused:


We’re playing catch up whilst we get up to speed, but we’re on the same train line heading to the same destination… :frowning:


We had a person come into our non-profit company a while back to talk about the challenges of scaling. The main thrust of the discussion was that scaling projects often fails because one has to consider the complexity of the solution developed against the capability, enthusiasm and trustworthiness of the members of a large, disparate organization. Training and careful hiring practices can mitigate these effects, but not eliminate them completely. And that’s when you don’t start with a completely insane, pandering, lowest-common-denominator bullshit racist idea like this.


If your goal is to protect children and prevent them from “being drawn into terrorism” then perhaps exposing them to a thought crime interrogation by authorities who will never be held accountable isn’t the way to go about it. It seems to me that this sort of thing is what you would do if you want to radicalize a child.


On the bright side the kid and his classmates are going to get a good lesson in knee-jerk authoritarian stupidity and how their awareness that it’s completely wrong isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference.


[quote]“The member of staff sitting behind me, who had brought me to the inclusion centre, then asked me: ‘Do the chainsaws explode?’. Before I could answer the member of staff sitting behind the desk asked: ’Do you understand why there could be a misunderstanding?’"
{emphasis added}[/quote]

I understand that a culture determined to see danger in the face of every person whose ancestry is not >99% Northwestern European might have such overwhelming confirmation bias that they were actually incapable of understanding the words within the context they were spoken.


Clearly the government fuckwits don’t have enough real terrorists to deal with so they are hell bent on breeding their own by singling out innocent kids and making them feel alienated and threatened.


no no i fucking don’t because while both ELF and ISIS are evil, they are not in the same ballpark for anything else. dear adults quit being afraid of everything.


Since the problem of racist adults isn’t likely to go away any time soon, I hope someone can set up training to help young people of arab descent understand what their civil rights are so they’ll be prepared for situations like this (and Ahmed Mohamed’s) when they arise. Of course, I’ll probably get flagged as a terrorist sympathizer for suggesting it.


Would you propose some kind of camp for this training of young people of Arab descent?


Oh England, it’s so cute when you try to be America!


They wouldn’t want me to do it; I’m a shitty organizer and everything I know about civil rights I’ve learned from BoingBoing :wink:


I agree with what you say, but I’m going to nitpick: the boy’s ethnicity isn’t mentioned in the article (as far I can tell), but a British Muslim is much more likely to be of Pakistani or Bangladeshi descent than Arab.

(The common “Arab = Muslim, Muslim = Arab” assumption is a bugbear of mine: not all Arabs are Muslim, and most Muslims are not Arab.)


Yes, it was sloppy of me to use that term; I was trying to be more inclusive since many arabs aren’t muslim but might get caught up in the web anyway. Of course it also excludes muslims who aren’t arab. Let’s just say any person likely to be associated with terrorism based on their religion or ethnic background.


Does her relative have any affiliation with ISIS?


The strength of ideological tyranny comes from the independently rigid minds of the self-appointed; ruled by fear, common sense unhinged, unable to identify with the mental commons. It’s a pervasive, low-level mental illness, a sociopathy. This is how civilization unravels. The latest front is the contact boundary between the eager, creative and knowledge-enabled child and the calcified rank and file of a world disconnected from genuine human potential.

Again the battle zone is a school and the conflict is initiated by a teacher who is qualified to teach a cookie-cutter curriculum but has had the independence of mind thoroughly shit-kicked out of them.

Wanted: Heroes from every walk of life. Duties include defending a common sense in the face of abject ignorance and mediated fear-mongering. Some risk involved, must be flexible in thought. Rewarding sense of purpose for the betterment of all and continuance of a civilized, open-minded, progressive and free world.


England was trying to be America before America was America. The result: America.
This concludes the hiistory lesson for today. You’re welcome.


#Because people are idiots.