UK "anti-radicalisation" law will be used to take children from thoughtcriming parents in secret trials

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So… are the G7 just in a “Barbaric Practises Hotline” race? Like… what the hell is going on?


George Orwell is not laughing.


Ugh. Typical Doctorow clickbait, I’m afraid.

The guidance to judges says that such cases must be directed to the most senior judges - there’s nothing casual about this.
It also says that Article 6 (Right to a fair hearing) of the European Convention on Human Rights is a priority, and emphasises that if evidence needs to be kept from the public for clearly-defined reasons, that is on basis of need, not merely the preference of Government agencies.
It also notes “that in this particular process it is the interest of the individual child that is paramount. This cannot be eclipsed by wider considerations of counter terrorism policy or operations”.

Remember that judicial guidance (from a senior judge, not a government minister) is about how judges ought to interpret existing legislation - it’s not new legislation, and judges are free to ignore the guidance (though if decisions are appealed, the appeal judges will probably take it into account).

The Government legislation and activities of the ‘security services’ are… questionable (sorry; gross understatement :wink: ) but the suggestion that the judiciary are somehow complicit isn’t supported by this document.


You know a religion isn’t a skin colour and (assuming this is deliberately targeting solely Muslim people) stating that they are all “brown” is racist, right?


I’m pretty sure this was Harper’s next step if he got re-elected here in Canada.


The governments of the “free world” seem determined to create the very enemies that they claim to be fighting. Authoritarian job security.

Judging from what I’ve heard and read here in the U.S., a really good way to F*** up otherwise healthy kids is to take them from their parents and put them into foster care or some other juvenile facility.


You’re not wrong, but I think the direction is doubleplusungood: Like ASBO it tries to codify thought crimes, Cameron’s “obeying the law is not enough” is another example of the 1984 world view.


You understand that bigotry is connected to immutability, and that the Doctorow did not once use the word “race,” right?

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ETAA: I just realized I typed, “the Doctorow.” I like it, and I’m leaving it as is. Congratulations @Doctorow, you now rank up there with the Sudan, the Crimea, the Ukraine, and The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.


I couldn’t agree more, but that’s criticism of the legislation, not necessarily of how a senior judge is advising junior colleagues.

It’s appalling that the Government - not the Judiciary - are using terrorism as an excuse to separate children from their parents, but if judges are obliged to oversee the process, it’s only reasonable to set guidelines on consistency.

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You know that most people in these countries are far more likely to suspect a “brown” person is Muslim, right?

The story isn’t saying all Muslim people are “brown”. It’s saying that this is far more likely to impact people who others think are Muslim. There’s a difference.


Because nothing will keep a person from taking violent action against a government like having their children stolen by the State.

You would think they are working to create MORE attacks, not less.


This worked out so well for Native Americans…

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Don’t forget the Donald…

I prefer “the Don”

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Unfortunately it wasn’t the “government” - it was UKIP, the party that started out as a liberal opposition to the EU and was taken over by anti-immigrant racists (the founder left in disgust.)
UKIP got enough supporters to worry the Conservative Party - who promptly, instead of standing up to it, started to try to steal its clothes. And the right wing newspapers followed suit. Then they started on supposed “immigrant benefit scroungers” and now we have an anti-welfare agenda which is about to hit working families (but not of course pols and journalists.)

The amount of money spent on retaining a right wing government in this country has been unusual for a British election. It has succeeded…just as Portugal and Canada go the other way.

UKIP is now a spent force, but the evil effects of its racism and xenophobia will be around for a long time.

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And this is just the beginning, too. If imams continue to radicalize their followers, you’re going to see more “western” states inventing all kinds of methods, some more public than others, some more subtle and indirect than others, to deal with “the problem”.

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Judging from movies and tv, an awful lot of crime bosses have the first name “Donald”. Weird.