UK government tells nursery workers to turn in potential terrorist toddlers




Champagne corks are popping at the Daily Show.


Aren’t we supposed to be forcing children to spy on the adults around them? This is very confusing.


Don’t worry. I think they have that covered:

“We would expect staff to have the training they need to identify
children at risk of radicalisation and know where and how to refer them
for further help if necessary.”


Better learn how to color inside the lines, kids.


I am confident the report also warns against racial profiling.



You mean, radicalise them by putting them all in the same ‘re-education centre’?

At this point, the deliberate creation of enemies to justify funding has become an established economic tactic for the military industrial complex.


Uncannily Orwellian. Probably the most accurate prediction of the future by any writer.


If they wanted to piss people off and prime them for being radicalized, such close surveillance-enfarcement is one of the best ways.


Legislated, enforced status quo… The PTB like to keep things that way, because power, money. Your loss is their gain, but shhh! – it’s a secret!

“Step out of line, the men come and take you away”


Seems more Huxley-an to me. But then I’m a beta.


The dream is subservient clones grown to full maturity in vats, ready to undermine and turn each other in for extra credit.

But until the technology gets there you just have to pit every generation against every other.


I don’t see the problem. Since the system punishes caregivers for false negatives but rewards all positives, false or not, caregivers should simply report all of their little monsters.

I have yet to meet a 3yo who is not a potential terrorist, if not already actively one.


For some reason I read the word “radicalisation” as “rascal-isation”. Yeah, ferret out those li’l rascals early!


The Onion should just fire its writers and report British news from now on.


Second from right. The instructions were to smile.


How radical would publicly shitting your pants be considered? I mean certainly it has to be classified as some kind of terrorism, no?


On the face of it, this is insane, so the only sense I can make of it is additional pressure to enforce conformity on children.


What would a british audience think if a german government official told the public children/toddlers have to be “taught fundamental German values”?

BTW what are fundamental British values? Having an unhealthy fixation with WW2? Fried mars bars? Ruining a good roast with mint sauce?


I was going to say making Indian food and then calling it something daft that Indians wouldn’t understand.