UK government tells nursery workers to turn in potential terrorist toddlers

As much as I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a little dude, I should have turned out more, like, radical, dude.


If we criminalize babies, only criminals will have babies…uh wait… I for one support our fascist overlords. We can have all our babies fed into the prison industry machine! Incarcerated from birth to death. The perfect way to monetize these small, helpless, uncapitalized resources.

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Of course. In Britain, “children at risk of being radicalised” doesn’t just mean “Islamic.” It also means “Irish.”


Indeed. Orwell wrote his novels as a warning, but I’m increasingly convinced that western governments are using them as a manual.


“Admit you’re the rabbit!”


Nah, not 3-year-olds. It’s 4-year-olds who especially assume that everybody in the world should do what they tell them to do.

And no, The Onion shouldn’t just use the British press instead of hiring its own writers - who would the American press quote when need sources if they did that?


Not to mention “Slytherin.”


No, George Osborne will be safe from this witchhunt

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Children can be radicalized;

Just sayin’

Those terrorists will never be able to get away with an attack on the crayon box now!

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Its easy to have an opinion. Takes more effort to have an informed opinion.

The UK government is responding to a very real movement: radicalization of Islamic children. The proof info is easy to find because groups like ISIS use the Net extensively to promote their message and disseminate information. They recently published guide for mothers called “Sister’s role in jihad”, which explains that women should start training children “while they are babies” as waiting until they are toddlers “may be too late”, adding: “Don’t underestimate the lasting effect of what those little ears and eyes take in during the first few years of life!” References are all over, this was picked up by many news sites. Here’s just one: Article in Business Standard.

Lots of video for kids too. Check out and which finds them and translates them from Arabic to English.

Redhead, top, center. Stone cold killer.


For freedom they cried! As their actions eroded freedom away.

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hey, they have other values…like classism, and secretly pining for the good old days when they were a world power able to openly raise tons of money off the unpaid or barely-paid forced labor of nonwhite people.

That’s racist bullshit.

Children in nursery school can’t possibly be terrorists, not even if the book that the Business Standard claims the Daily Mail claims MEMRI claims may possibly exist somewhere in the Middle East actually exists.


I speak Arabic. I can tell you that they translate about as well as they curate- which is to say not well at all. MEMRI has an agenda, and not a particularly opaque one at that.


You say “That’s racist bullshit.” I see you are both ill informed and skeptical. No problem. Easy to find information for you. Have a look at this clip from a children’ TV show on Palestinian TV Al-Aqsa TV on December 5, 2014.

This is a serious accusation against them. Everyone has an agenda, hidden or not, conscious or unconscious. I just posted a link to a Palestinian children’s TV show. If they are mistranslating what the children are saying please post their errors here.

We all know how popular Al-Aqsa TV is in Essex.


One world; media is accessible to all. If parents want their kids to see this show, then they can find it on Youtube. As easily as you or I.