Ahmed Mohamed and family will move to Qatar

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Folks are sayin’ the whole thing was set up by the boy’s father - that the younger Mr. Mohamed was always supposed to get arrested, presumably to point out the stupidity of the school system and law enforcement.

I wonder if similar hijinks will occur in Qatar. Given the record they have for civil rights, I wouldn’t advise it…


Qatar, modern America…human rights-wise, it’s getting closer to being six of one, half a dozen of the other…


I’ve heard the same thing.

I guess the awkward nerd in me wants to believe that he was just futzing around with stuff and the school over reacted.

Even if he WAS trying to provoke a reaction, the school completely mishandled the situation. Had it been me, I would have put it in my desk because it was distracting the class, and then he could pick it up at the end of the day.

ETA - Qatar isn’t the best place in the world, but as far as the Middle East goes, it is half way progressive and modern in comparison. IIRC the Monarch was pushing many social reforms including letting women drive. Al Jazeere (sp) is based there.


Digital clocks can’t melt steel beams.


Folks say a lot of things, that doesn’t make them true. Either way, young Ahmed is going to be in a better place, which seems like the goal.


Okay, who is saying this, what “folks”? Because just because some implies that this was a set up doesn’t mean it was. And that doesn’t mean there was a major point to be made, regardless.

And yeah, Qatar is quite shite on human rights, as are all our allies. But it can be kind of shite here for Muslims, depending on where you live, too.


Even if it was a set-up, the school and police eventually reacted in a predictably punitive, stupid and paranoid way. The first teacher to whom he showed the device, and who warned him and understood the potential for idiocy from his colleagues should have simply confiscated it. “No Ahmed, I’m not 100% sure what you’re up to, but we’re not going to let this degenerate into a public shitshow, are we? Who knows how it will end up. You might even get shot”. The “set-up” if there was one, would have failed (rightly or wrongly), and no-one would have been unduly punished for what may have been a well-motivated but ultimately ill-advised protest against the sort of discrimination they are experiencing.


I’ve heard it several places. Usually the sort of people who you would think would throw out the idea that the whole event was orchestrated. They have no evidence. The fact that his is a Muslim is reason enough for suspicion.


So, people you know to just ignore in the first place.


So, in other words, people who we shouldn’t give much credence to in the first place, because they are prone to seeing some Muslim conspiracy around every corner… ? Was it Netanyahu, because he seems to be saying some dumb ass shit this week.


Jinx! Buy me a Coke!



WOW. If you think women or any other minority gender orientation or religious persuasion has it better in Qatar, you are delusional.


Wow, letting women drive? Gosh such equality. If only we could all be so lucky.

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Thanks, Obama Irving!


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Hey, FIFA cut the expected worked deaths from 4,000 to 2,000. And, as we know, America’s construction sites are pretty much abattoirs. So, no diff.


It obviously wasn’t a setup.

However, what is curious is that the clock he “assembled” was just a disassembled store-bought digital clock, taken out of its housing. He may be a tinkerer, but this wasn’t evidence of it.

Right wing loonies everywhere are shitting themselves with glee.


I originally heard it from some non-political computer geeks who were looking at the picture of the clock, and expressing disbelief that this was anything other than a trivial casemod designed to look like an idiot’s idea of a bomb. Apparently you can blow up the picture and see that it’s just the internals from a commercially purchased clock? Casemodding is pretty geeky if you ask me, but then again I don’t look down on web designers, either, so I am sometimes out of step with the ultra-nerdy set.

Since then, political commentators (mostly from the right wing’s lunatic fringe, presumably because brown kid) have been saying that the boy’s father is an activist and politician who has used his children as foils before - something about the sister? I didn’t pay a lot of attention or try to follow it up, honestly, since I agree with @winkybber that exposing the ridiculously self-defeating paranoia of schools and police isn’t a bad thing.

You can google was Ahmed Mohamed set up if you want to find out what the rest of the Internet is saying about it.