Irving, TX's notorious islamaphobic mayor worries that Ahmed Mohamed's arrest will negatively impact town police

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the comments on the facebook post are running pretty heavily in favor of racism and stupidity.


I went to leave a comment but I think I need to ‘Friend’ her first.


I came here to say that the commenter on Facebook, Jacqualea Morrison Cooley is a repetitive, ignorant, asshole. She felt the need to repeat this 4 times in the FB responses. Obviously she is a clock and bomb expert. Call the cops!!! Also, he brought it to show and impress his teacher. Call the cops!!! “Jacqualea Morrison Cooley You will not believe it is a clock, if you see it. - #!
It was not made at school. - #2
It is totally against school’s Code of Conduct to bring anything such as this to school. #3



Of course they are. The average American’s reaction to anything science-related is hardly distinguishable from that of a 15th century European’s, at this point. Ahmed is lucky he wasn’t burned at the stake.


“potential threat… protecting our children… [possible] hoax bomb…”

So wait, were the cops investigating a “potential threat”? Were they “protecting the children”? Or were they dealing with something that they were investigating to see if it potentially could have been used as part of a bomb hoax (but never actually was)? Because if you have a “hoax bomb” device without the actual hoax, and which in no way was designed to look like a bomb, what you have is a harmless device, and a harmless device isn’t a potential threat and thus students don’t need protecting from it.


If they really thought it was a bomb why the fuck didn’t they evacuate the school? Oh no they didn’t because they realized oh we fucked up and lets double down and just arrest the kid.


It absolutely will affect the police negatively. Mainly because people will trust them less because of their overreactions and imprisonment of a child who did nothing wrong.

This arrest hurts the police, and that’s a good thing. Maybe next time they won’t be such monumental asshats and instead use their peabrains to think for a second.



Oh FSM save me… I remember that fucking stupid bomb scare.

There was no evidence for a bomb. It was pure anti-intellectualism and public stupidity causing panic due to seeing something they didn’t immediately recognize as not a bomb. Freaking town full of morons.

It never was a bomb hoax. The only ones who thought it were shouldn’t ever have been paid attention to. As if nobody recognized two major characters from Adult Swim’s most popular show of all time.


I suspect their inability to differentiate between “clock” and “bomb” may also bring a certain amount of distrust.


Police reasoning:

“bombs sometimes have wires, batteries or circuitboards. This thing here has wires, batteries, and circuitboards. Wires, batteries and circuitboards are magic. Therefore it must be a bomb.”

Just like how if you weigh the same as a duck, you therefore are made of wood, float in water and are also a witch. Sufficient evidence of having turned some guy into a newt as well, even if he did get better.


Thats some nicely formed shit, tips hat.

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Call me old fashioned, but you haven’t really plated the poo until you have added a respectable blue state garnish.


You know, nice small-town people wouldn’t be in a constant panic about Muslims coming to turn them Muslim and blow them up, if Faux News wasn’t peddling that message constantly. Nothing drives up ratings like fear, and nothing drives voters like fear, and the right-wing media has become an absolute fear machine.

But it can’t work forever. Sooner or later, people are going to have to become desensitized to a new menacing imaginary threat every day, Obama the secret Muslim, the War on Christmas, whatever it is. Aren’t they? Remember we got tired of McCarthy after a decade or so.


I fear for our nation if we have to wait a decade for this pile of fetid horseshit to blow over. I also fear it’ll smear all over my nice patio in the process.


We already have. Think of it as time served.


Am I the only person who feels that Ahmed Mohamed’s expression in that photo of him in handcuffs brings to mind the Jackie Chan WTF meme?