Irving police violated Ahmed Mohamed's civil rights

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Yup, I was listening to NPR’s coverage and it immediately stuck out when both Muhamed and reporters said he was denied counsel and access to his parents when they illegally hauled him off.

That’s super fucked up, Kafkaesque, and worthy of fucking firing anyone involved in his incarceration. They’ve all proven themselves unqualified to be criminal justice workers because they have no understanding of the procedures of their jobs and the rights of the children they deal with. They all need to be out on their asses. We can’t tolerate child abuse like this.

It’s too fucked up and wrong and ethically and morally bankrupt.

Fuck you Irving PD. You’re fucking pigs, and you should all be blackballed from working with the government in any capacity.


Here’s a little story about discrimination and why while I’ll criticize the shit out of islam, I won’t tolerate bigotry:

When I was a senior in high school I played tuba in the top level of the high school band. One of my best friends was a guy of Turkish ancestry, Ace Karimi. Ace was literally the only non-white member of the band. He was one of our percussionists. During senior year, we flew down to LA and played in the gazebos at Disneyland. We also had a chance to do studio work with Fantasia 2000 in backstage Disney, which was very cool.

When the week was finally over, and we were in line at LAX to go home, Ace was pulled out of the line. We were going through security as a group. There were 120 of us. The only one singled out for “enhanced screening” was Ace. He did not have a SSSS ticket. He was arbitrarily pulled for being brown. The TSA agent was a behavioral observation agent, and just decided on a racist whim to hassle the brown kid.

Guess what the 119 of us not being raped did? We all started yelling that fucking agent is a disgusting racist. We all started chanting. We all stretched out our hands pointing at that racist piece of shit and yelled to all in the terminal that that lady is a fucking scumbag and she doesn’t deserve to have a government job.

Ace didn’t have to go through enhanced torture. They let him go. We got on our plane in time. I like to think that we traumatized that racist piece of shit bad enough that she quit.

This is a triumphant experience. And one I hope to repeat if ever faced with the situation again. Ace is not a terrorist. The FUCKING LEOs are the real terrorists in this country.



Agreed, but I doubt anything will happen. They will settle with the family and Irving Texas will still be a wretched hive of scum and villainy after it’s over.


No. Unacceptable. Arresting cop needs to lose their job. Whoever trained aforementioned asshat also needs to lose their job. Also, administrators who are so lackadaisical as to allow such illegal and fucked up shenanigans and don’t actually administrate need to lose their jobs.

They’re fucking with people’s lives. We can’t give them such power. They’ve proven themselves too irresponsible. They can do something else. Like shoveling shit in a barn. Or picking up trash by the side of the highway. Or taking tickets at a movie theater. They don’t belong in public service. It’s unconscionable and irresponsible to give them positions of authority.

If we’re to live in a civilization, then we must be civilized, and a big part of that is learning from mistakes. The lesson here is that people who are very stupid don’t belong in positions of authority. Even (or rather especially) over children.


Someone should make Ahmed a shirt that says “Cut the blue wire!” on the front, and on the back says, “No, wait! Cut the green one!”


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I agree wholeheartedly, but history of the word fuck was my first thought reading your comment


Or because certain authorities have been given certain secret powers which they’re not allowed to mention to the public because terrorism. It’s not as if this sort of secrecy is unprecedented these days.


Ironic thing here is this…if the procedure is when an Educator finds a child with a suspicious device or object or perhaps something classified as forbidden on school grounds, they MUST contact the parents and authorities and they had in fact done that…well, we might be arguing if the procedure was foolish; but we would accept that the Educators followed procedure and did their job.

The problem in all of this is a clear over reaction and failure to do the one thing we ask of kids…LISTEN.

“That’s…that’s neat Ahmed, what is it?”
“It’s a digital clock.”
“Ok, it looks like its a bomb in a brief case from a movie.”
“Uh. Ok…but it’s not…it’s a clock…seriously…see…CLOCK.”
“Yeah, I see it, I’m also telling you that other small minded nitwits who have watched too many Michael Bay movies and think that’s reality will think it’s a bomb. So…cool. Great ingenuity. Put it away, and don’t bring it to school again. Just to be sure you don’t get accused of anything.”


or how about…

Police: What is that?
Ahmed: It’s a clock…a digital clock. I made it.
Police: So, the kid made a clock…cool, good job kid. Um, Mr Principal…we have more important things to do than marvel over a clock. KTHXBYE.



Also…I’d add…as a very active and engaged parent of 3 mix race kids, the most appalling thing is that the parents were not properly notified and informed of the situation. I WOULD LOSE MY BLEEPING MIND if I ever found out my child was escorted out of school in handcuffs without my knowledge for ANYTHING.


"Kids don’t lose their rights because they’re kids or because they live in Texas.” No, they just lose them if some a$$hat decides they are an Enemy Combatant; then just drone them, and problem solved. Sheesh! When will people wake up and realize this poor kid could have been disappeared and/or killed completely legally in this country, once the perception existed that he was a terrorist.

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I can only hope the parents refuse to settle and take this to court. It is really they who are forced to seek justice.


It was pretty clear from the initial stories that the cops interviewed him with the school administration acting as the “appropriate adult,” and equally clear that the school administration was actively trying to set him up along with the cops. It’s kind of amazing he was able to keep his head when all the adults around him were trying to screw him over. No one directly involved comes out of this story looking good except the kid.

But hey, it’s cool that he didn’t have a parent/lawyer present during questioning - he wasn’t under arrest, they were just trying to get him to incriminate himself so they could arrest him!


What I can’t seem to get my head around is this - why didn’t anyone from the school ask the engineering teacher about the device before calling the authorities? A simple “Yes, he showed it to me. No, it’s not a bomb.” would have resolved the issue.


That’s it right there. They willfully do NOT have more important things to do. Or rather, they have willfully made it so they don’t have anything better to do. They are school district police, remember… they don’t have crimes to solve. They have order to maintain, and when everything is orderly, as it generally is, then they have their thumbs up their asses. So when something like this comes up, they jump on it as a chance to overreact and call out the swat teams & dogs & tanks & the big guns & tear gas… why? Because they have nothing better to do. They’re school police. This was the whole thing I was going into yesterday about the 20 different law enforcement agencies in Texas, each one more questionable than the previous. There are hospital police in this state, for fuck’s sake.


Agreed. They need to be held accountable, but based on past history of events like this, I doubt it will happen. If it does, I will be pleasantly surprised.

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See…now at one point I considered moving to Austin Texas. Thanks for changing my mind. :smile:

You’d like Austin. “The Blue Dot.” Don’t write it off… it’s a good place.


Is that in that weird bit of Houston that is all hospital, like its own city?

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LEOs in Texas

  • Bexar County Hospital District Police Department
  • Dallas County Hospital District Police Department
  • Ector County Hospital District Police Department
  • Tarrant County Hospital District Police Department
  • Texas Medical Center Police
  • University of Texas Medical Branch Police Department
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Police Department
  • Methodist Medical Center Police Department

it’s fucking weird.The discussion about the police units awjt mentioned happened here

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