Teenager gets 3 years in jail for sending thousands of bomb hoaxes to schools


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Nip it in the bud

[sorry, couldn’t help it]


Play stupid games…


The video had much less crying than I was hoping for.


A white male? Golly, what a twist!

(Seriously, fellow white dudes. We need to get our collective shit together.)


Honestly, my sympathy for him went from about negative 20 to negative 55 after seeing his stupid smirk as he was getting arrested, and asking about Twitter views.


I do not condone prison abuse in any form.

That said, I doubt that smirk will last long once he’s actually behind bars.


Way to punish initiative, Britain!

No, but seriously, the kid’s a major dick for doing this.


He looks like he’s about 13. I’m guessing that may be closer to his mental age, too.


when neighbors were interviewed, most replied, “Yeah, I can totally see that little wanker doing something like that…”



Guess it’s a good thing it was his fantasy to save the day vs be the bad guy :confused:


I’ve been evacuated on numerous occasions because of bomb threats, so I’m glad he was caught, but from the details in the articles it doesn’t sound like prison will help him much.

Could the news have chosen more creepy photos? Did they ask him for that head-down, eyes-up-and-to-the-side expression, or did they just say “hey, look furtive!” and leave the interpretation to him?


Is this an exam time thing? Just curious.


Mainly, though when I lived in England we had some problems with animal rights activists.


I did some stupid things when I was a kid, but never evil stupid, just stupid stupid.


thanks for the link. much more detail. the what-a-prick-this-little-wanker-is-talk aside and regardless of his stupid actions this kid obviously needs mental help:

Dr Tim Rogers, the psychiatrist, found in his report on Duke-Cohan that the teenager “alluded to ordinarily hidden feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation that had given rise to fantasies of (and a search for) success, power, acclaim from prominent hackers and the achievement of wider online notoriety”.

emotional states like that usually doesnt come from nowhere.


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