British Brexiters shocked to find out they might have to get permission to travel to Europe

I’ll vote for anal probing as security prerequisite for travel permissions for british citizens. Those idiots will get the idea what the rest of us think of them.

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I bet Nigel Farage didn’t think of that.

Farage is married to a German. He’s got an out.


Not sure about New Zealand, bit moving to Canada is fairly easy for Americans, assuming you have a job lined up ahead of time. I did it for five years in the late 1990s-early 2000s (unrelated to Dubya’s reign). Basically, thanks to NAFTA there is very little in the way of paperwork for either the employer or employee. Granted, it is rather more common for Canadians to work in the US than vice versa.



Costa Rica’s really nice. If a Trump win somehow looks more imminent, I’ll be working on plans to work something out there if possible. Gorgeous place, life’s pretty cheap, food’s superb, weather’s not bad (esp. in San Jose), the birds and wildlife are absolutely stunning (~50 species of hummingbirds, sea turtles laying eggs on the coasts, a few species of monkeys, coati, all kinds of wonderful), and you can buy your way in pretty easily via a number of means if you have the assets. Have to have enough cash on hand to manage it, since getting a work visa’s not easy, and you need to know Spanish or it’d be hard. I can afford it, know Spanish, and would be more than happy to spend years there so that’s my current escape plan if it comes to it.


{sigh} I guess I’ll link it then…


My problem is the only non-English language that I can read and speak—very poorly—is French. I don’t know about Haitians, but the French and Quebecois would rather butcher English in conversation than allow someone like me to butcher their language.

To the Duolingo app!


On the plus side, if you know one Romance lang. the next is way easier. If you watch Telemundo shows with subtitles, it really helps to pick up the spoken lang., and Spanish writing’s truly phonetic so it’s simple to read compared to English/French if you know the spoken language. Costa Rica has its own dialect, but it hasn’t drifted much. Things are easier for gringos language-wise too, since the country’s got a huge tourist economy, though it’s really helpful to be able to read signage, forms, etc. and interact with people without any English.


I think it’s more often that they can have their cake, and they can eat yours too.


Chibundu desperately needs to get some smarter friends. Y’know, the kind that aren’t surprised by frikkin’ obvious news.

/note, this is an opinion piece referencing another article that has the phrase ‘may have to’ all over the place. I’d have been happier to have something based on survey results.


I hope that the beauty is increased by the inevitable outsourced IT solution that they will bring in over budget & delayed full of bugs and underfunded when it does finally roll out.


Besides, wasn’t Arthur from Cornwall?


Yep. It would be just as nice if all Global Warming Deniers had to go and live in Florida. And all anti-vaxxers lived in a closed community where they only infect each other. But we can’t do that, and remain Nice People ourselves.

I guess the moral of all this is about 14% of all countries are jerks. That was about the UKIP vote in the UK, which meant perhaps 1 person in 4 of the 52% who voted for Brexit was voting for Ethnic Cleansing. There are probably a similar fraction in France and Germany. There may be as few as that in the US, though it doesn’t feel so from here. We can’t seem to get rid of them, or improve them. The art of politics must then be to work around these people. You certainly should avoid scenarios where there is a split and you give them the casting vote.

Yes, you, the Rt. Hon David Cameron MP, you odious prat, sir, we are talking about you. What were you thinking?


I’m confused – The rules of the Schengen zone, of which the UK has never been a member, are making entry to the Schengen zone more difficult for nationals of countries that are not members. They are doing so partly because some Schengen countries - such as non-EU-member Norway - have imposed additional controls for arrivals from within the zone, and they want to get back to free borderless movement within the zone, which includes most EU countries and several contiguous non-EU countries.

What does this have to do with Brexit? Non-EU member Iceland is in Schengen, so their nationals and people who hold visas to Iceland won’t need to go through an ESTA-scheme style permission requirement, EU-member Ireland is not in Schengen so their nationals and visa-holders will, just like the Brits.

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I’m thinking I should start doing that (watching Telemundo). My wife’s family speaks Cuban Spanish and I can pick out one word in 10 when they are talking. We want to go see them for Thanksgiving, so I’m doing my best to learn Spanish before then.


Well most of the med is strapped of cash, the last time I was there in Moraira on the costa blanca at about half past eight the waiters were standing outside looking up and down the street wondering if anyone would turn up for a meal.

A two tier system would mmmmmmm maybe have worked but par against Germany and France’s economy no fooking way, doomed!

Ya all need to look at the discontentment among the EUless partners populations, a hell of a lot ain’t happy and even Heir Mercel’s lost out in her home constituency.

Like the gold standard which was replaced it held currencies to the value of gold, but after that the free economy of individual countries could deflate their exchange rate to encourage tourism/exports and now they can’t, Spain used to do it all the time.

In 2003 when the fooking EURO came in everything jumped fifteen percent in the next few days and if you remember the fishermen’s disputes over fuel prices, it doubled and not like here in blighty where we whinge about a penny or two but doubled.

No referendum the Spanish gov just signed up, everyone I spoke to didn’t want to and all locals BTW.

Well Moscow tried with all it’s centrally controlled satellite countries all bound together and failed, what chance has a poxy country like Belgium stand if it weren’t for the German and French support.

Every German and French citizen now owns a second home and they’re all in Greece.


you need to step away from the door.

then it’s ok to go.

There will be no entitlement for British people to live or work in other EU countries. People need to understand that Brexit could have a major impact on them. I suspect that there will be many more moments like this and whatever the final deal is will be put to a vote in another referendum when it may not pass.

You do seem confused. All EU citizens have free travel rights within the EU regardless of Schengen. An Irish person can live and work anywhere in the EU indefinitely. They require a passport to travel but no Visa.

There are no border controls or passport requirements between two Schengen countries. EU citizens from outside Schengen travelling to a Schengen country are subject to border controls and must show a passport but have a right to enter and stay indefinitely on presentation of a valid EU passport.

Schengen means that if a non-EU citizen is granted a Visa to visit a Schengen country that visa allows them to visit all Schengen countries.


Not any more.