British family went shopping in used ambulance with emergency lights flashing

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Summing up Brexit in one gif, Yes I can…



They should have just gotten EMT certification first. My neighbor is a volunteer EMT and has ambulance lights in his Porsche. I’ve never seen him abuse them, but have heard stories…


I doubt they’d bother getting an EMT certification when they couldn’t even be bothered having driving certification or insurance.


I wonder where the passengers rode? Did they lie down in the stretchers?

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Can’t hate on him, this is how I used to play Police Quest when I couldn’t be bothered stopping for red lights.

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If these ambulances are based on a Ford Transit base they have three seats on the front.


Tory cabinet member? Occam’s razor, Rob.


No, they’re not, and no, they don’t. Some may be based on a Transit cab and chassis, but I’ve driven an ambulance when I worked in vehicle logistics for a major British car auction company, and that one was based on a Mercedes Sprinter, with two seats up front, and various items of equipment sitting between the seats, including the controls for the ‘blues and twos’, (lights and siren, for those not familiar with the term).
And it was made very, very clear to me by the bloke who was decommissioning the company and its vehicles that I was not, under any circumstances whatsoever, to even think about using either lights or siren, and especially not both, otherwise I would inherit an entire universe of legal and financial hurt!

Bloody Torchwood!

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