British Government Goes Full Nationalist, Tells Workers To Sod Off

The Boris Johnson cabinet, in all their wisdom, has seen fit to order an expiration date of 25 December for emergency visa workers, lorry drivers, and poultry workers, in a baffling and asinine turn of events, following months of food and goods shortages due to BoJo’s misgovernance and the whole infectious plague ordeal that BoJo worsened due to policies like “eat out to help out” in which BoJo encouraged people to… eat… at restaurants… during… a mass pandemic.

Just sheer dingdongery of the highest order.


BREAKING: Home Secretary announces plan to set up task force to deport any EU lorry drivers who remain in the U.K. after 24th Dec.
Ms Patel said “It is a special privilege for lorry drivers to be able come here and work and it shouldn’t be abused”

Coming to the UK to bail out the gubmint after their clusterfuckery is a privilege


Why yes it is, you silly foreign person.


It took me a minute to find out that’s a real quote and not a parody of something Patel might actually say.

It seems to me it’s Johnson’s job to waffle and mutter things that might be plausible but aren’t true, and it’s Patel’s job to rant and shout things that are implausible but are essentially true.


Yeah, there won’t be any issues after the 25th, I’m sure.


They did this during the gas shortage caused by a lack of drivers?


It isn’t. To quote the Law and Policy Blog:

The following tweet on this is (I think) intended as satire:


Yeah, it’s the other way round, it’s parody but of something that is entirely believable as something Priti Patel would say and based on her actual actions.


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