British Member of Parliament publishes 250 pages of damning internal Facebook documents that had been sealed by a US court


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Remember when the UK parliament asked Zuckerberg to show up in front of their committee?

Turns out they owe American companies (and even courts) exactly as much deference as an American citizen owed them.


saw his chance.


Facebook confirming that they’re evil, yet again. At this point nobody should expect anything else from them.


At this point I’ve given up hope that these revelations will convince anyone still using this toxic platform to stop using it. Government action is the only thing that’s going to destroy its continued ability to harm society.


There seems to be evidence to suggest that the Biki CEO communicated his intent to the British authorities in advance so that he could be “forced” to hand over the documents. Looks like he’s going to be facing some contempt charges if this was intentional.


Turns out power corrupts. Who knew?


Well yeah, but




Government action is the only thing that can stop it, and must stop it. There are too many people who are far too reliant on aspects of FB that foster access to socio-economic capital.


Something something leopard something spots something something.


I was suspecting this when I heard about this in the first time. I think his idea was pretty good.


CBC’s headline on this is that Facebook gave AirBnB and Netflix preferential access to data.

It’s like they are trying to make the story into something you’d scratch your head and think “Do I even care about that?” about. How about the anti-competitive behavior or the Android malware? Or the friends data which pretty nearly confirms that Cambridge Analytica was a feature rather than a bug?

I am not impressed.


Or, given this:

Then one of these



Kramer is CEO of Six4Three, a creepy US startup [that] sued Facebook

[Kramer had] extensive internal documents from Facebook, which the [US] judge in the case had ordered sealed.

Somehow, Collins got wind of the fact that Kramer, his laptop, and the documents were all in London

Gee. I wonder who generated that wind.


…“Facebook app helped you find pictures of your friends in bikinis
I thought this was hyperbole but it was literally an app for looking at pictures of your friends in bikinis??


I quit The Facebook while it was still cool and before it was cool to do so.


Yup. Creepy Nerd at its finest…
The really weird and disturbing thing is that they got funding.


Someone in the British Parliament doing the Right Thing, and Doing It With Style. I don’t know what to make of this at all. I think I may go and lie down for a bit until things stop spinning…