UK Parliament Committee report on social media/Brexit shenanigans

TLDR - Facebook are arseholes who deliberately allow manipulation of electoral outcomes and will never do anything to protect user data.

So nothing we didn’t already know but this time it’s official.

Ditto Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore:

As set out in our Interim Report, Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore showed complete
disregard and disdain for the parliamentary process when they appeared before us in
June 2018. It is now evident that they gave misleading evidence to us, too, about the
working relationship between Eldon Insurance and Leave.EU. They are individuals,
clearly, who have less than a passing regard for the truth. (Paragraph 147)

For non-UK Boingers - “They are individuals, clearly, who have less than a passing regard for the truth.” is pretty ripe language for a UK parliamentary committee.



Just saw that in the Facebookwatch topic, which I completely forgot about.

Yeah, that’s a bitch slap.

there’s also this:

The fact that Facebook continued to allow this access after the Consent Decree is not new information; the new information is the admission by Richard Allan that the CEO and senior management— “all of us”—knew that Facebook was continuing to allow the practice to occur, despite the public statements about its change of policy. That, people might well contest, constituted deceit and we would agree with them.


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