British Royals' celebrations with narration from North Korean patriotic parade

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Did I see a bride in her wedding dress there at the end? Is that a royal thing, continuing to wear the wedding dress for weeks after? Or did they dash right there from the chapel?

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Ugh…likewise for the CBC in Toronto’s obsession with the Royals. This is one thing that Radio-Canada has got right; it acts as if the Royals don’t even exist.

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That. I think it was a mix of footage from Trooping The Colour and a royal wedding from a couple of years ago, but I could be wrong.


So… you’re saying the North Korean media are fawning out of adoration, not fear?

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Hilarious and well done.

Now for the Monty Python-esque complement: the vocal track of the BBC covering the last parliamentary election, with footage from the last North Korean election.

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Very good.

Not a subject.
Not a subject am I.

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