British Royals' celebrations with narration from North Korean patriotic parade


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Did I see a bride in her wedding dress there at the end? Is that a royal thing, continuing to wear the wedding dress for weeks after? Or did they dash right there from the chapel?


Ugh…likewise for the CBC in Toronto’s obsession with the Royals. This is one thing that Radio-Canada has got right; it acts as if the Royals don’t even exist.


That. I think it was a mix of footage from Trooping The Colour and a royal wedding from a couple of years ago, but I could be wrong.


So… you’re saying the North Korean media are fawning out of adoration, not fear?



Hilarious and well done.

Now for the Monty Python-esque complement: the vocal track of the BBC covering the last parliamentary election, with footage from the last North Korean election.


Very good.

Not a subject.
Not a subject am I.


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