Britons and some Irish head to the polls

And he is. He will be insufferable now. Reform and the Tories are probably going to team up and create a monstrous seething far-right bucket of hatred and incompetence.


I have a had polling stations ether opposite my house, or on the other side of the road at local primary at the end of my road as long as i have lived, in the last 3 homes, i never had to go further than 2 streets away from my home to vote.

Primary schools are all over the place in the uk, and tend to be in walking distance so people can walk their kids to school, if you live in a city, i would guess you may have to go the village hall if you live in a village or a farm.


When I lived in Henley, my house was 50 yards behind the town hall, where the polling was done. There were several elections when I was the first voter in.


I have never been 1st, no matter how close, but i work in a school so i am in for 8am, normally and after work job…

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