Europeans! Tell your MEPs that your vote depends on their rejection of #Article13!


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You ought to address your appeal to citizens of the EU27. We in Brexitland will not be taking part in these elections.


Or will we?

Theresa’s doing an excellent job of keeping that tension and sense of suspense going.

Tune in this time tomorrow to find out how Theresa escapes from the burning car as it hurtles towards the edge of the cliff. Or does she…?


Rogier ça!


I went to look at the thing, and it turns out every single representative from my country is already signed up. Even the right-wing populist jerkbag. So that’s good news, I guess.


Better yet, make clear to your representatives in your national parliament that you won’t support their party in the future if an MEP of their party votes for this.


It doesn’t matter. The UK will basically follow the EU law on this, as will the US - it’d take far too much work and time to come up with a different law.


Yay for Brexit, we can’t even meaningfully write letters to our MEPs over EU regs that are going to affect us.

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