Broflake defined


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That is good.


Check out this story about broflakes who cried foul when the woman they’ve been harrassing called them “garbage humans” to their faces at a public event.


Broflake; I grokked it immediately.

And while I’ve never been a fan of the pejorative ‘special snowflake’ this portmanteau perfectly describes the hypocrisy of such individuals…


I know, isn’t that amazing?

The fascinating part is that they’re there for attention. Per Marcus Aurelius in The Meditations, “what is it in itself, and by itsellf? What is the substance of it?” they want to be seen and heard, but all they can manage is behaving like trash and ultimately being dissatisfied at the trap it sets for them.


For attention and to intimidate and bait her. The broflake in question and his supporters apparently took up the first few rows of the audience. The truly sad part is that, after the incident, the organisers of this conference on the Internet video industry chose to side with the harassers, claiming ignorance of their abusive Internet video activities (the broflake, btw, grosses $5000/month from his).


If a broflake is having a bad day, would giving them a broquet make them feel better?


Perfect. It puts the “man” in portmanteau.


That Loesch/Popehat exchange really is something else.

That’ll take you to all but her final worthless response, since I don’t feel like giving her Twitter analytics the satisfaction of my engagement. The tl;dr version is basically this, though:

“People telling you the sky is blue and calling you a colorblind idiot for disagreeing with them is not libel.”
“Straw man.”


Nah. Imma keep calling them snowflakes right back at them. Using the same word they use against liberals and in the correct context. It is the perfect word for them, no need to change it.


Whatever works for you, yo; no worries.


Bros by any other name…


Mmmm Asahi. I want a Beerquet!


As a straight white male, I’m glad they’ve finally created something just for me!


Nor I, but it’s telling that the Far Right culture that coined the epithet in reality comprises the people most deserving of it.

The greatest irony is that they’re their own worst enemies. If they just stopped engaging with the people outside their bubble, their bubble would erroneously perceive them as strong. Instead they’re so easily goaded into making empty schoolyard threats. I’d worry that someone might one day teach the Right stoicism, but it’s so fundamentally antithetical to them that there’s nothing to worry about.


I will now use this whenever I can.


Well I’ve always been fond of cracker but then again I grew up in Ohio.


It is ok to use broflake but not ok to use snowflake . . . right.


It’s okay to use either, though which you do use (and in what context) will say a lot about you.


Using either is an act of pure mindless tribalism which is, drip by drip, eroding what remains of public decency in the world. We may all come to regret drawing battle-lines all across our most important communication medium.