Broetry is the perfect blogging format for the age of Trump


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single-line, single-paragraph updates

so…tweets, basically?


If I were a cat I would deposit the liver of a freshly killed sparrow or field mouse on your doorstep


What an ugly word. Please, somebody come up with something better, and popularize it, and wipe this stain from the English language.

Also, are we hating on Hemingway now?


If he were alive today? Are you kidding?


Now this is my kind of Broetry.



If you want to see what five hundred pages of this reads like, pick up any of the recent novels of James Ellroy. Once a genius-level writer of noir fiction, now damn near unreadable.


Broetry, a haiku

Broflake manoverse
Brogrammer gets a broquet
But no homo, bro

Wow bro, cool story
Really, that's some sweet gainz, bro.
Chug a brotein shake?


The brogrammer’s dilemma

Code is pussing out
Another stack broberflow
Help me, brofessor






I wrote an homage to these just this week:


Thank you for that phrase.


Looks like chatroom/instant-message chat cadence.


I closed my Linkedin account a month ago, and shortly after someone asked me with help for closing theirs (it’s not immediately obvious how to do it.)
Negative effect so far: 0F*

*Not a temperature, it’s on the Fuchs scale.**

**There’s the ordinary Fuchs scale, referred to the IDGAF point, and then there’s the Absolute or R scale, referred to IAbsolutelyDGAF also known as IReallyDGAF. 0F = 460R. The reason there’s no C scale is that the SI working committee hasn’t met in years because, frankly, TDGAF.)


I remember, some while ago, an almost identical plea against using the word “naff”. That is a good word, because it is what it describes. “Broetry” is an ugly word for an ugly thing, born of the ‘work hard, play hard’ mansplaining jerkoffs who would impress you with their zen simplicity, and who would reduce all to their gnomic tweets. This ‘bro-’ prefix so-easily attaches to all they touch and foul.

I like it.


I have to admit that the length of my paragraphs is directly related to how stressed I am feeling. I know things are really bad when I am not typing first person pronouns.


I know you’re trying to be light (so this isn’t directed at you), but between the likes of:

  • “Tech-bros”
  • “Pharma-bro”
  • “Mansplaining”
  • “Manspreading”
  • “Broetry”

… there’s a bunch of explicitly sexist shit being hurled at approximately half the population right now, and I’m not OK with the fact that it seems to be OK in so many places.

News flash to those concerned: If you use the term “mansplaining,” you’re a sexist. This follows from the general rule: using a term that links some undesirable behavior to gender or race is not OK.


If a behaviour is linked to one part of a social or other group to the extent that there’s a rather clear distinction compared to another part, it’s legitimate to refer to it in terms of the group.
“Mansplaining” is a term immediately understood by a lot of people who have been on the receiving end in the past, and by people who have done it in the past and are now aware of it (and deeply embarrassed when they do it by mistake :blush:).

When an industry is >80% male, and when the higher ranks are even more preponderantly male, and the reason for this is linked to male behaviour directed at women, “bro” to describe a toxic male chauvinist culture is entirely legitimate.
By your argument, it would have been illegitimate to describe the (mainly Afrikaner) supporters of Apartheid as “white supremacists”. But that is precisely what they were.