2008 was the earliest use of the word "mansplain"


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Thanks for mansplaining where it came from


2008 BC, more like it.



I get a big kick out of the idea of mansplaining. Hey, I’m as guilty as anyone, but at least I can laugh at myself.


If men condescending to women wasn’t a common, widespread problem, then there would be no need to have a phrase describing the phenomenon.


I’ve stopped explaining anything to anyone. Just in case.

Sorry, boss. I wish I could explain to you why my project is 6 months late and why I’m not wearing pants today but I’m worried it would be considered patronizing.


At Nine Worlds convention last year, some guy spent 20 minutes mansplaining the process of sewing pockets into trousers to a seamstress.


how about just don’t condescendingly to women or assume a woman knows less than you. Not that hard. If you don’t do that, you’re likely not mansplaining.


This needs a report by Dr. Jack Badofsky.


Explain? I just stop talking to people. This development is a great cover for my introversion. “I hate to be rude, so to avoid that, I will never, ever speak to you again.”


“Thou shall not mansplain to me, Jeshua!” spake Mary.


Sorry this was funny, and is ‘actually’ on topic:


That may well be the quintessential mainsplaining archetype right there.


To be fair, Cliff was a true Equal Opportunity Splainer; male or female, interested or not, it didn’t matter - anyone with ears who made eye contact was ‘fair game.’


Did Cliff ever not start a sentence with “Actually…” :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you know where we use to get water when I was a child? A well, actually.


That’s what I was about to comment on. I thought mansplaining was a man telling a woman something that she obviously would know more about than he would-not just pretending to know more trivia than anyone else.


On the other hand, Cliff was a grown man with a job who insisted on living with his mom and who was “challenged” when it came to interacting with women. He’d fit in quite well with the current lot of mansplainers.


If he did, I don’t recall.

I’m no expert, but I think the term expanded over the years to mean any time a dude automatically talks down to a woman, because it happens so frequently in general.

When a guy does this to a woman who is a noted authority in a particular discipline or field, it’s doubly insulting.

Yeah, there is that.


Yep, my understanding of it too. I also think of it as a usually unconscious form of condescension. Not sure if that lack of awareness is always part of it.