Men upset by cartoon

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Funny if the man-bun was the artist.


Hmmm, must say that if someone said to me “I wonder what it means” and if I felt I had any insight, I might say a little about it, although I usually shy away from discussing meaning in art.


I recently had a disagreement with my spouse regarding this very thing. She is a Psychologist and I am a Web Developer. She was venting her frustrations regarding a site she was using and the lack of a mobile app from the company to make it easier. I then began to explain that while her frustration is valid, it is not always prudent for companies to make apps. Was I “mansplaining”…perhaps. But I was explaining the thing that is my field to someone who does not work in this field.

I am not a doctor…when a female doctor proceeds to explain to be the details of a particular condition or procedure; I do not get upset and say “Stop womansplaining it to me”. If anything, I am probably saying “Hey Doc…I appreciate that you understand all this…but dumb it down for me at least!”

The comic is funny. Its appropriate. “mansplaining” is a thing, though I would argue its not something only men do. Women do it too. Any 40 something gets “parentsplained” to by their 70-something parents all the damn time. I cannot count how many times my parents when I had my 3rd child explained to me what the terrible twos can be like…“Yeah, I know…because I went through them with the other two kids already…thanks!”

Anyone who gets miffed over an editorial cartoon is really just looking to be offended.


wait - the hipster on the left is a dude, right?

that’s totally a stache + murse + utilikilt = dude

edit: i knew i’d seen that stache somewhere before



This is so perfect. I was just in a tense meeting at work, and afterwards our newest hire explained what it all meant to everyone, including our specialist, two managers, and me. They are women, and I’m a transgender man. Even a beard can’t get me away from mansplaining.


I like this. The difference between “I think it means…” and “It means…” is worlds apart, and truly important.


As an engineer, I mansplain all the time. I just did some mansplaining to another male engineer last night, and he called me out on it. Ouch! I guess I deserved it. Maybe. But I can tell you why I didn’t.


I might, too.

I’m a man, too.

Haha, I love that it’s vague enough to be a good rorschach test of what people think the guys response would be.

Seems an awful lot are going with “well, art really isn’t my thing, I think it may be, in my opinion, it may be___” and offended at the cartoon. When it very well could “snort, ___ is obviously an early blah of the blah, didn’t they teach you anything at housewife school, snort”


This is just my opinion as someone who’s studied art history and published art criticism: if you think you’re absolutely certain what a work of art means and tell someone what they should think it means…you’re an asshole.

Also I mistakenly came to this via the comments section and thought this was the cartoon in question. It also made me laugh and I could see some men being upset by it.


Upset? People shouldn’t be so Politically Correct. There’s no Right to Not be Offended. :innocent:


The implication is that Manbun, in response to her wondering, delivered an “authoritative” patronizing lecture rather than an opinion open to discussion. Some of the upset commenters miss that implication and act as if she’s being bitchy about how normal, balanced conversation works.

That said, it’s a hacky cartoon. The clichéd abstract splatter “modern art, amirite?” The idea that anyone would look for “meaning” in same. This wouldn’t have been out of place in a 1961 issue of Playboy.


pretty much these days. Snowflakes, the lot of them.

Pretty much the heart of the whole thing. The guys (not men) who “mansplain” don’t like getting called on it so they lash out like toddlers can.

Here you go:


how normal, balanced conversation works

right? - why go to a museum together if you don’t want to discuss what you see - it can’t be the first time she’s "wonder"ed nor the first time he’s "tell"ed - relationship hell


Seems to me dudebro is being overly defensive (Hi pot, it’s kettle. GUess what, we’re black) unless he’s a manbun wearing douchbag that dictates to people what a picture is supposed to mean. I hate those assholes too.

Edit: Normally this is my cue to grouse at ‘mansplaining’ being used to shut down a discussion by telling a guy to shut up, but here in this instance? GUy’s just being a dick. I had a laugh and I’ve been called an overly sensetive hipster dickbag constantly (no, no trillby, no manbun. No idea wtf really.)


Hmm. The New Yorker runs a cartoon about mansplaining, then asks readers to explain it to them.


Maybe they just met.