Broken html in headlines

I’m seeing a lot of html tags showing up in bbs thread headlines. Is this new or just something i’ve never noticed before?

We don’t use html in headlines much, but sometimes to indicate the name of a newspaper or tv show or something.

I guess it just gets escaped for Bbs threads. we should make it policy at BB that if we use html in a headline, we have to head into bbs and check the hed. It might be good to whitelist basic formatting stuff like em and strong though

You are seeing the same thing as me though? The <em> tags in the GoT and the Technophobia threads

Technically this is a bug that we fixed.

Before: HTML in topic titles was silently discarded.
After: HTML in topic titles is properly escaped.

Otherwise, it is impossible to have a topic like

How about that <b> tag eh?

You’d just see

How about that tag eh?

It looks like BB came to rely on this sort of undocumented behavior, we may need to add a setting for it…


Ahah, so how should we be doing it ideally? We have all sorts of ‘undocumented’ crutches built up over the years that need to go at BB. Padding and margins above and below paragraph tags, habitual use of hspace and the like…

I’m adding a new site setting to sanitize titles as we speak :wink:

Ok, the new title_sanitize is now deployed and enabled here on BBS.


Thanks for the quick fix Régis!

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