BB titles using unsupported <em>italicized text<em> tag


I’ve noticed over the last few days that some of the bb post on the bbs are using the italicized text tag which was either never supported, or has been dropped from discourse.

Who needs to look at this?

@beschizza? @jlw?.. @codinghorror?


Is having HTML tags in titles a new thing? I can’t remember this happening before?


I think it’s just @CarolineSiede, using them for TV show/film titles?


I think they are all from @CarolineSiede and at least a cursory scan through the thread titles looks like that is the case.

It looks like she is making tags for show titles and it is being read literally by Discourse…
or what @daneel said…


This betrays my warped brain even more. I read it as:

MTV’s emphasis Decoded end-emphasis asks…

And I don’t have a problem with that. (It should be a class and not an inline formating tag masquerading as content, but seriously who cares)


I will remind everyone of our no-HTML policy in titles!


WordPress will let you put html tags in titles, so it seems reasonable to expect they will be in posts that originate there. In the next version of the wp-discourse plugin, html tags will be stripped from titles before they are passed to Discourse.


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