Bruce Lee collapsed from cerebral edema on this day in 1973

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I read the article on Bruce Lee collapsing on set during taping. The information in the article is not accurate. Bruce did collapse on set but, it was during dubbing his voice for Enter the Dragon. Combination of a hot sound room and severe dehydration caused him to collapse. He was rushed to the hospital, from what was reported it took an hour to totally revive him.


He did collapse on this day but he didn’t die until July 20th



I was never a fan of martial arts movies but I will stay awake and watch Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story every time it’s on.

I know it’s not 100% accurate but it is a great movie.

No he didn’t die from brain swelling the doctor on TV that does autopsies redid Bruce lee’s it was a couple years ago can’t remember what he said his cause of death was but it ultimately had something to do with Bruce lee’s back injury from working out,
But he did collapse on set making enter the dragon
He was over working himself, it’s sad he never got to see his impact enter the dragon had on the world
He died while making game of death very shortly into making it. Strange how Brandon Lee was killed the same way his father was in his last film game of death he was shot believe to be dead I’m sure everyone saw the film. There will never be another Bruce lee he was one of a kind great martial artist.

"Be water, my friend."


I once found myself getting a haircut from a semi-retired barber in Oakland who use to cut Bruce Lee’s hair. The haircut took forever and honestly was a little uneven but it was more than worthwhile to hear the guy spinning yarns about Lee (and his own slightly paranoid theories regarding the nature of Lee’s death).

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