Bruce Lee, now with lightsabers


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Pretty neat, although light-saber nunchucks seem like a pretty good way to maim or kill whatever poor sap is wielding them.

(But not Bruce Lee, obviously.)


This looks way better than I thought it would, props to the creator of the lightsaber effect (and of course to the prodigious skill of the weapon wielders).


What Mr. Lee could do with real nunchaku was far more impressive.


Yeah, I think if anyone could find a balance between the light and dark sides of the force, it would be Bruce Lee.
He’d flow and crash, a deadly dance of light and shadow…

edit: btw, the vid is awesome!


Is that for real? Are we sure he isn’t a telekinetic or something?



Yeah, when I first saw that clip months ago I thought for sure it was real, but now as I posted the clip I was watching the ball, and the movement didn’t seem right. Plus, some aspects of the filming were odd-- guy walking front of the camera at start, cameraman jiggling the camera too much. Seemed fishy. Disappointed.


The force was strong with this one,


I liked the part where he cauterized his own armpit.


Bruce “Lefty” Lee.



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