Watch: Five-year-old boy's incredible Bruce Lee nunchaku demo


Mom’s gonna be mad when the kid makes a mistake and breaks that big television.

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Them newfangled flat ones are a durn sight harder to break.

Not only is he a kung fu expert, he’s also a kid. He’ll figure it out.


Bruce Lee was so good he even made nunchakus look cool, but, since then, everyone with nunchakus has looked like a total wanker. And at the end of the day, it’s still a flail mace with all of the flail’s shortcomings and not even any iron spikes.

Ironically, i have never seen a movie that highlighted their greatest ability to inflict damage - as a garrote. If you want to sneak around the bad guy’s island hideout, you could sneak up on the guards and silently crush their throats.

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A) The yellow romper with the black striple 100% makes this video.

B) Hot damn that kid rocks on the nunchukus!!!

C) Game of Death is so outrageous, with the 8 total minutes of actual Bruce Lee time and rest of the movie with a fill in (also a great martial artist but sadly lacking in Bruce’s speed or love affair with the camera) wearing the yellow romper outfit and GIGANTIC sunglasses to mask the fact that he is not Bruce Lee.


Not that hard to break, really. Especially if it doesn’t have a no-tip strap attached. Though the kid’s nunchakus look pretty light, so I doubt they would do too much damage. I’d be more concerned about other child-related catastrophes (flying balls of various sorts) knocking the TV off the stand, if it’s not secured. Our TVs are all wall mounted, fairly high up, so the worst they’ve had to deal with is occasionally getting bonked by a tennis ball (and not from the kids, from the wife throwing the ball for the dog and woefully misjudging her throw).

Dragon Baby

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My friend’s kid threw one of these at her tv and b0rked a few pixels.


“b0rked a pixel” - yeah, I’m stealing that.

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Damn, son.

I bet this guy is knee deep in it.

Peter Dinklage’s new bodyguard.

Can I go outside now?

NO! You practice MORE! Time for go outside when you OLD!

Actually, I could very easily see it being the kid that instigated this. Kids that age can be OBSESSIVE. My (just turned) 6 year old directed that obsessiveness at learning everything he possibly could about Angry Birds.

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It’s good to try to not lose that obsessiveness with age. Even if the fits of it last only a day or three, or even merely a single night of high-grade researching, a lot can be learned about a given topic.

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