Bubble, a new dystopian podcast sitcom!

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Not a metaphor for current conditions at all.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Girls meets Broad City meets FLCL meets Welcome to Nightvale meets Bored to Death meets cosmopolitan-city-in-Trumpyland. The characterisations—almost all, I think, by actors much older than the characters—are incredibly, annoyingly, broad (in my arrogant and entirely accurate opinion). If the ‘arsehole victim’ trope eases dealing with annoying characters—I personally hate it, as I don’t find it satisfying and it’s a lazy way of trying to make violence o.k.—you might like it, but as implied before, old people playing/mocking hipsters, bros, and grrls turns me way off, even if they’re being savaged by monsters—and I am an old person.

I did like the matter-of-fact–to–bored fight-scene narration.

Good music, including a good sound-alike.



Oh! Different Bubble. I keep meaning to check out stuff from Maximum Fun.


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