Listen to "Doublemeat Palace," a great song about the worst episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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I quite liked the Doublemeat arc in general (a refreshing dose of reality check for the characters), but oof yah, that one episode is hard to watch. I usually skip over it.


Never understood the hate for this episode, or “Beer Bad” for that matter…


Rather than the episode being bad, maybe it’s because people don’t watch Buffy to be reminded of having to work miserable real-life fast-food jobs.


Fortunately/unfortunately I’ve never seen that episode because we couldn’t get past the outset of season 5 and the stupidity of introducing a new younger sister at that point. :roll_eyes:

I mean Poochie was a parody, not an example for how to write a show.


This isn’t generative art though. This is just a song-writing project with a specific subject matter. Generative art - Wikipedia


For some reason, the only thing I can remember about this episode is Buffy giving Spike a knee-trembler in the alley round the back during her break.


Doublemeat Palace was a little on the nose,but it was a return to what Buffy had been in its early seasons – a show where the horrors were analogies of things in the real world – like when Willow got talked up by a creep in an online chatroom that was a literal demon or where the Sunnydale swim team was pressured to take performance-enhancing drugs that ultimately turned them into fish monsters. Doublemeat was about the horrors of low-end jobs, especially in fast food.


And like the demon chat room episode it’s a Jane Espenson one. That episode about creepy men online has really stood the test of time. Unlike some of Whedon’s.

The monster in this was pretty crappy but the other elements of the story are excellent.


I thought the new sister was explained pretty well. It was even foreshadowed.
The problem with the new sister is that she’s a whiny teenager, and super annoying. But the rest of season 5 rocks.


So… a realistic portrayal of a teenager, then.


Definitely realistic. Just not something I actually want to watch.

Worth mentioning that Youngs also has a podcast with Helen Zaltzman (of the wonderful The Allusionist podcast that focuses on words and language) called Veronica Mars Investigations. It’s another episode-by-episode podcast about a show, but instead of an original song at the end of every podcast they connect with a lawyer and daughter of a cop to discuss all of the crimes committed by the felons as well as the protagonists in each Veronica Mars episode. It’s really good! They actually finished the entire series this year and are now figuring out what to work on next. No one has been able to convince them to just pick up iZombie…

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Wasn’t every episode de facto the worst episode?

I love this podcast, after listening to just a few episodes!! Gonna have to go back and listen from the beginning, but that’s going to keep me busy for a looong time

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