The trailer for Darby and the Dead gives modern Buffy vibes

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Definitely get some Buffy vibes from this, although the “make the unpopular girl popular” trope from bad teen movies is pretty tiresome. Buffy was way more subversive than that so they lost me halfway through the trailer here.

I was also getting strong Dead Like Me vibes, which is a good thing. That was an amazing show, criminally cancelled before its time. Apparently the production was a disaster and the cast and crew all hated each other so Showtime pulled the plug.


Me too, I really liked that show.
Probably give this one a miss though, tbf.


I also came here to say that the trailer makes the show look much more thematically related to Dead Like Me than to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Specifically “sees spirits of dead people and helps them move on to the afterlife” which is exactly what George (Ellen Muth) did in Dead Like Me.

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Yeah I saw that part and just said, “Really?! We’re doing this again? In 2022.” I’m surprised they didn’t have her wearing glasses in the pre-makeover part.

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