Stranger Things gets badass Buffy-style intro credits


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Wow, don’t need second jolt of coffee now.


Yeah, those are good credits (albeit a bit spoilery).

I’m just over halfway through Stranger Things and a little bit nonplussed at all the love and attention it got. One of the things I’m disappointed by is the bland original credits. These are definitely an improvement!


Ah, now I miss Buffy. At its best, it was one of the finest shows of the last few decades.

The original opening credits to Stranger Things were perfect for its mood and the time period it was set in, but these are a lot of fun.


Whaaaa? They were perfect in context - subtle, yes, but creepy and very, very '80s (down to the fake film grain and video noise).


Everything you say is true, and valid!
I think I just find 'em sorta wallpaper-y after the attention-grab of the pre-credit scenes.

Maybe if they had more Galactica-stylee drum-banging :wink: but then that wouldn’t be 80s I guess.


Right. The Buffy thing is cute but obviously the wrong decade style-wise.


Close enough:


That’s part of what made them so good, for me. They weren’t so busy or demanding that they took you out of what was going on. They were a tonally appropriate breather before you got back into things.


I vastly prefer title sequences which don’t show scenes from the episodes, so I completely prefer the original from Stranger Things.


Joss Whedon shows always seem to have good theme songs. Having said that I think the ST theme fits well with the show.

Anybody else notice the similarities of the musical score between Stranger Things and Dark Matter?





Very insightful!


As is your unsolicited judgment of my comment.



Thank you! That’s much more expressive.:grinning:


Of course; my sole purpose in life is to please faceless randos on the interwebs.


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