Supercut of 1980s film references in Stranger Things


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Wife and I just finished the 1st series, it was worthy, and then some.


Most were spot on but a couple I felt were stretching it looking for a connection. One I didn’t see (spoiler)
when the kids are running in the school in the last episode, there is a tracking hall shot they where the bounce into frame just like in The Breakfast Club.


Found it well worth watching. It’s a shameless pop culture pastiche, but a lovingly made one. Good acting all around too.

Not too thrilled with the ending for a couple of reasons, but you can’t have everything. Season two ahoy!


I just started watching S1E1 and…



Except it was X-Men 134 in the episode (and much more in line with whats coming)


Great, now you tell me my ears are going too… :tired_face:


I haven’t looked it up yet but, is it just me or does it sound like those French guys did the score for this show?


By “those french guys” do you mean Daft Punk? I can see why, but no. It wasn’t. Think more John Carpenter inspired music.


Many were stretches. But only one shot from Carrie? There’s at least 4-5 more from Carrie or The Fury.


My first language was French & I did part of my growing up in the Parisian Burbs. My brain makes wired associations - particularly with sounds. I’m having trouble with a new Rx regiment- particularly shot is fine motor skills & memory recall.

Can always count on Mutants to catch my somewhat off kilter associations. :thumbsup:


Oh no worries. If Daft Punk themselves weren’t inspired in some way by early work of Carpenter I would say they are liars. :slight_smile:



I was hoping it was a one-shot thing. Winona Ryder aside, I’ve been enjoying it, but I was hoping it would have an ending.


Two things:

  1. Netflix seems to give all its original content at least 2 seasons
  2. The writers have said that they planned this as a singular story but left things open for more.

Netflix would be stupid to not commission more. There is plenty more to tell and work with.

Also, can someone explain the hatred Winona Ryder gets? I have never been able to grok that.


I’m just not really a TV series person. Personally, Films > Miniseries > Ongoing series.

I don’t generally have a problem with Ryder at all (can’t remember seeing her in much post Alien : Resurrection, mind). I just don’t like her in this (or the way she’s being asked to act and/or her character). She’s just chewing the scenery all the time (which is fair enough I guess, given what her character is going through). It’s just a bit much for me.

Like I said, I am enjoying ST, though.


This is tremendous. At around 3:06, I’m sure the kid prepping for battle is borrowed from The Lost Boys (headband, backpacks etc).


Or really any 80s "gear up montage"
but really, the camo headband is more Stefan DeSalle from “Russkies” (a movie I am sure I am the only one who ever saw it)


Nice catch.


Stranger Things was an obvious love letter to iconic 80’s movies, right down to the title card:

The Typography of Stranger Things

There’s definitely an ending. It does feel to me like an “we sure hope they give us money to keep this going so let’s have a few loose threads” kind of ending. But it’s not like a Lost season finale that cliffhangs some new mystery without resolving the previous ones, in case that’s what you’re dreading.