If "The Empire Strikes Back" was a James Bond film, this would be the opening credits

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Its not a James Bond opening without a naked woman silhouette. Maybe show a wookie or something.


Not to mention, the theme music should have been ‘Coldfinger’.


Two of my least favorite franchises in one ignorable package. Can’t beat that.

It’s weird, something’s off about this. There are individual frames/images that are very cool, but I think a “real” title sequence would have a little more of a cohesive visual statement. Like, I really like the vector graphics TIE vs. X-wing sequence. But keep those vectors consistent…when we get to the toy-ish looking snowspeeder flying over the Vader mask, it sort of goes off the rails. But, hey, here’s a person who did a thing out of love and a funny little creative impulse, so…that’s cool :slight_smile:


could work for you, though. minus times minus equals plus… ; )


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…Ah, but the original video link is dead. I think this should do it:

(The Buddy Rich rendition of “Machine” has been in my playlist ever since, and I am so very grateful for it.)


Heh heh, yes…

That’s no Moonraker.


I was expecting slave Leia silhouettes. (Yeah, I know, wrong episode)

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Well, as long as we’re doing Star Wars via Saul Bass…


I saw Spectre at the cinema but didn’t remember the theme song. I later heard the Radiohead submission. As far as I’m concerned, the theme to that film is the Radiohead one. It has the right ‘Bond’ chords in it.


Man, I haven’t seen a Bond film since they started with naked women silhouettes. You mean they don’t any more? Kids these days.

I think I stopped with Bond after Connery. I mean to say, the chap’s not Dr Who y’know.

There were more Bonds after Moore and Connery? That’s bizarre, is he a Time Lord?

Yeah. For at least the Daniel Craig movies (only ones I’ve really watched because he’s cute ^_^), there is a smooth series of transitions the entire way through where the actions hit on the beats of the music.


And where’s the view down the barrel of a gun?


That theme is better than the Sam Smith version, but neither of them have any force behind them.

I still think that ReBoot had a better Bond theme than either of the SPECTRE themes:

Nice one. You have earned to go see a star war.

The Radiohead song is way better than than the awful Sam Smith dirge, but the best song that should have been, but never was, a Bond theme is Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”.

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