Saul Bass: famous movie title sequences from Preminger to Scorsese



That was actually the first I’d heard of Mr. Bass, as well as Buddy Rich.

Also most excellent:

I am quite baffled as to why a legal, high-quality version of that one is not available at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately these look terrible thanks to horrible encoding. Sauls style just leaves halos and artifacts all over the place, kind of a disgrace to this amazing work.

High among my life’s abundance of good fortune are my experiences of Saul Bass. Yes, he was a creative master; he put the “art” in “graphic art.” He was also a wonderful man: kind and gentle, welcoming to all… One of the few who worked with my father in film after film.


The video didn’t work at all on my iPad, even on the YouTube app…“Not Available,” it said.

But it did play on my Mac, which was a relief… I was afraid YouTube had put it through the Bass-O-Matic.

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What’s the link to the video?

It won’t play on my android phone either.

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