A concise appreciation of Saul Bass, film's great title designer

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One of cinema’s great craftsmen, Saul Bass is a name you may not recognize,

You’re kidding, right?


Jason Bass, maybe. Saul Bass, no way!


For some baffling reason, “Why Man Creates”, despite winning the Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject, is still apparently very difficult to get on DVD. Fortunately, copies still seem to be flitting around the Internet.

But really, all you need to see is the first segment.


Ah, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. A comedy whose opening credits alone are funnier than most entire comedy movies. :slight_smile:

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Saul Bass is likely the most influential title designer, typographer, and logo designer of the 20th century. His logos are astonishingly long-lived. Just look at this selection of his logos; while many of them have been tweaked or fiddled with, it’s amazing how many are still used as-is, fifty years or more after they were designed. And they still look fresh and contemporary.

Huh, he did AT&T?! I can’t see that without thinking of this:

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