Bubble-wrap laying/popping bike


It needs a spring-driven take-up roll.


If you liked that video, be sure to watch the ASMR shipping video tagged at the end for lots more tingly bubble wrap goodness.

Gee that popping sound is loud. Bike wheels don’t put that much pressure on the road. Its almost as if the sound effects are coming from the traditional playing card rattling against the spokes.

you could have a take-up roll rubbing against the rear wheel. just don’t ride too fast…

Because there’s not enough plastic trash on the planet already.

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Art metaphor for the mad american consumerism ?


I don’t think this is seriously being proposed as a new form of transportation.


Bikes actually put more pressure on the road than car tires - a bike weighs less, but that weight is supported on a much much smaller surface, so the pressure on that surface is quite high.

This is reflected in the inflation pressure of the tires. Car tires are generally inflated somewhere from 30-50 PSI; bike tires in the 60-90 PSI range (up to 140 on super skinny road bike tires).

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Bubble wrap reminds me of every relationship I’ve ever been in.

“It’s not you, it’s me.” (Pop-pop-pop, pop-pop.)

“You’re such a great guy.” (Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop.)

“I’m sure you’ll meet someone someday.” (Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop.)

They know it’s wrong, but they just can’t help themselves.

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