Build the LEGO Space Shuttle

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For comparison, the previous space shuttle kit that LEGO sold (we got it for christmas a couple years ago):

Notice the one-piece cockpit. This one looks way, way more fun to build (and build multiple items!), even if there’s one fewer minifig.

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I’m so glad LEGO is moving away from the ridiculous single-use bricks in their kits.

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This is USUALLY $24 at Target. I’ve almost picked it up a few times, but tey have had much better Shuttle models in the past, and I’m hoping the Saturn will make them consider this again.

I don’t know that I’d say that they are, because this one is in the Creator series, not the City series like the old one was. But I agree, the fewer single-use pieces the better, IMHO.

I bought this for my nephew for Christmas, and then couldn’t resist building it myself, so I had to buy him another one…
The other two models are equally great - I love these Creator sets because the alternatives are all terrific and make clever use of the parts in different ways.

That’s nice, I kinda wish they’d sell a model of a spaceship that’s still flying, or eventually going to fly. It’s depressing to dwell so far back in the past for space dreams.

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Oh, the lego group has lots of payload models out there. Just precious few launch vehicles. And no current ones.

Why do you think Elon Musk started Space-X, huh?

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