LEGO Apollo Saturn V rocket on Amazon for $119

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One thousand nine hundred sixty-nine pieces, huh? I see what they did there…

Oh to be a fly on the wall when this kit was being put designed. “Find a way to fit in three more pieces, Johanssen, and it will be perfect!”


It is a great set, though the LM does not fit into the storage capsule of the S-IVB stage very well.

One of the kids scored a set as soon as they became available. Now it’s a jealously-admired cube toy.

In his NASA office.


I want this so bad. And yet, $120 can go to a lot of other things I need right now.

And yet…it looks amazing.

That said, for $20…the Women of NASA set is out!!! I picked that up last week and it looks awesome. Hope to put it together with my niece over Xmas.


Nice. :slight_smile: heheh

I’m not going to deny this looks cool, but it’s also the apex of LEGO transforming from a “build whatever you can imagine” toy to something more along the lines of a model kit. All the sets I had as a kid made specific things but could also be limitlessly reconfigured into lots of other things (often the instructions had a few examples of completely different things you could make with the same parts). These days the shapes and details on the pieces are so specific that even if you did build something else, you’d still see that the components were obviously meant to be part of a moon lander, TIE fighter, Batmobile, etc.

Yeh, but after assembling 1,969 pieces into a whole, I ain’t EVAH gonna disassemble!

I wanted my son to ask for this for Christmas but he insisted he’d prefer the 4000-piece Tower Bridge set.

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Only in very, very limited elements. The hatch on the lander, the capsule, the flags, etc. These are pretty much the same as the stickers on the older sets. If you stuck these on you’d always see the piece as part of another set. The rest of the pieces are completely standard and usable as ‘build what you can imagine’.

I’ve got this set - it’s an amazing build.

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That’s why I have a Revell 1:96 S-V kit tucked away for future building.

Most of the pieces are pretty standard, and it uses some pieces in really clever ways (eg, the engine nozzles at the bottom are a grey version of the crows nest from a pirate set).
The internal structure is amazing too, there’s a central core in each stage, with the outside cladding it.


For those complaining this is some custom set with bricks designed specifically to make this happen and nothing more…this was build from a Lego Ideas voting poll. Someone built this out of their own parts, put it on the site and Lego worked with them to modify it to make it more stable and commercially viable. Which might mean a few custom parts, but you could find the same parts they used and build it without the set.

I believe this person actually had plans for the launch pad in a few forms (based on expense of the parts!) in the event you’d like to add this to the set yourself.


You could pre-order the model for the last weeks from the Lego Shop. Mine was delivered a week ago, I finished it yesterday. Fantastic build - but this is not the Lego of your childhood.

There’s a Renwal Visible V8 on fleabay that somebody saved for 50+ years.

I always wanted an original visible v8. If I had an extra $500 bucks though I’d get this…

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You can have my old smashed up one if you want a restoration project :slight_smile:

My mom found it in her basement. It’s the whole shebang, chassis and possibly a visible wankel in there too.

I was pretty small when I built them, so don’t expect good glue technique.

Don’t have a visible V8, but I have one of these waiting on my shelf too:

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