LEGO's Saturn V rocket on sale for $79


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I’m with @jlw–if you are into Lego and/or NASA at all and haven’t got this set yet, you should jump on this deal. I have built a lot of Lego models and this is without a doubt my favorite all time–it’s a great display piece, and it has a number of extremely clever building hacks that make it a blast to build. It’s also very sturdy and solidly constructed, so that you can, if you are so inclined, play with it and feel confident it’s not going to collapse when you do the launch staging.


It seems to have sold out from the time I clicked thru to when I put it in my cart!


It’s a very popular set. I think the first production run sold out on the 1st day.


I guess if you’re Legomaniac this is the thing to get… alternatives include the Estes rocket or the many 3D printable models at thingiverse, This one being one of the more detailed.
THingiverse also has several wall-mounts for your lego rocket.


I love these posts - a helpful add to the BBS (for readers and posters) might be an automatic mechanism to flag these messages when an item disappeared from stock.


Holding out for a sale on the Minifig Scale version.


I’m sure it will be on sale for $300 over on Ebay…


They are back in stock.


it looks nice people but my god, it’s made out of bricks! No tanks, no electric or hydraulics, don’t be fooled.


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