Build your own A-Frame cabin for "around $8,000"

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Sub-suburban sprawl…


On the hill the stuff was laced with kerosene
But yours was kitchen-clean
Everyone stopped to stare at your technicolor motor home

Every A-Frame had your number on the wall
You must have had it all
You’d go to L.A. on a dare and you’d go it alone


If one side could fold out this would be the house I’ve wanted since childhood




Build your own A-Frame cabin for “around $8,000”

I would have put the quotes around the word cabin instead of the price. That’s really more of a deluxe shed.

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Is there gas in the car?


Nice job, but…

Handling Rockwool without gloves
Not sealing the timber (which looks like basic Douglas Fir or Larch, so needs it)
Concrete “castle” foundations only (watch me sink into the ground, baby)
Windows only glued in
No way that stove will heat the cabin sufficiently in winter
No protection for the underfloor insulation except chicken wire

There’s probably a few more things too.

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Probably… but your items except the first 2 and nails for the windows are the $18,000 cabin build, not the $8,000 cabin build.

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Apparently it’s an enclosed climbing wall.

I’m also really impressed that he was able to get the materials for that cheap. Four windows, a door, roof, siding, etc… But it appears that he skipped stuff like plumbing, electricity, foundation, and insulation to save on costs.


That’s the cutest little stove.

I spent $12,000 for the logs needed to build this 40’x40’ monstrosity, better bang for the buck in my opinion. :grin:


Weird Uncle Shanks

That stove has to draw air, one with a balanced flue draws cold air from the outside. Just sayin

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Yes there’s gas in the car
I think the people down the hall
Know who you are


Nice cleavage around 1:40 min in.

There’s no way to know how the windows are fastened from the video. They show them caulking the exterior then leaning the first window in then cut to them both done while the younger builder has an impact driver in his hand. Chances are they’re screwed in, but we can’t know from just the video.

Until mice destroy the insulation under the floor, I bet it’s pretty toasty in there with that stove going. Heating an insulated 10x10 space doesn’t take much.

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