Muji is now selling $27,000, 98sqft micro-home "huts"


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If I’m paying $275 per square foot, then it better be the most luxurious 98 square feet ever.



It isn’t a home. It is a room. It is a $27,000 shed. It has no plumbing, no kitchen, no shower/toilet. It merely a “guest room” for your property. And people are calling it a micro-home??!!



That’s from a luxury shed provider. You can get a nice Amish shed even cheaper

Base Model $ 3,076
As Is:
$ 4,591See full quote below.



You’re comparing prices of that hideous shed kit with tiny scraps of window and that awful stable door thing against an on-site professional assembly service, with concrete foundations, double-skinned treated walls and that gorgeous glazed wall, plus the porch…? Seriously?

Not that I’d buy one myself when I just can stea-ahem-take inspiration from the layout, proportions and materials palette to design and build something a little more feature complete myself. :wink: I wonder what insulation material they stuffed between the outer and inner skins…


I’d consider this, in the same price range:


Yes. It’s a shed. There are thousands of others out there that may better
suit your aesthetic choices -and not cost $30 grand.


Beat me to it.

For the price of that stylish Japanese box I can buy a much larger tool shed from Home Depot for about $6000, and with the money saved put in plumbing and electricity and insulation (and probably a deck/hot tub out back.)

But I will say, the Muji looks nice.


Here’s a nice selection of tiny homes worthy of consideration:

My favorite small living space of the day is:

(The Tiffany’s Muji ‘hut’ is an overpriced AT shelter IMO)


Yep. Hell - when I was a teenager I built much bigger sheds than that.

And quite a bit cheaper. Scrounged the lumber.


Here’s a nice one from HD:


It actually has a similar look to this beautiful outhouse.

(The outhouse has a toilet, though.)


more and more of these posts for Big Little Hut.



If you’re on a budget, especially if you have a source of leftover coroplast election signs:


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