"Private room" advertised for rent out to be a plastic shed

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Here in the SF bay area, someone was telling me about how they answered an ad for a “cottage” that turned out to be a pre-fab garden shed in someone’s back yard. I think they wanted $1000 a month for it, though it was probably bigger - although on the other hand, it also didn’t share the kitchen and bathroom of the house, so…

I’m a teeny bit confused about what’s strange here-
I mean, isn’t this (essentially) what the whole “tiny house” thing is about? Or am I missing something?
(maybe this is legal whereas many (most?) tiny houses aren’t?)

Used to live in London, it is getting crazy…

Shed? Looks more like a dog kennel.

At first I was like “Oh, it’s got a little sofa, that doesn’t seem so bad.” Then I realized it was behind the sofa.


You sure it wasn’t one of these? Oh wait, these are actually historically valuable…

We bad that very model of ‘shed’ (it really is stretching the term) in the back yard at work. It fell down because it rained.

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That’s why this one is sensibly being deployed inside.

Is that a cable spool being used as a coffee table?


Nah, it wasn’t that nice - it was one of those pre-fab garden sheds you can buy from Home Depot, etc. You could probably get at least another couple hundred dollars a month for one of those.

Same here.

Back in my day, that was right up there with a futon and milk crate bookshelves for mandatory first-apartment decor.


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