Work in a $17k shed

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And now for something completely different:


What a bargain… for someone else.


The big box stores also sell shed kits, with everything you need, pre-cut, for not that much more than the bare lumber.

You can get a 10x12 foot shed starting at around 1700 and going up from there if you want fancy things like windows.

For a couple hundred extra, they’ll even put it together for you.


A nice one from the Home Depot:


Those things are usually pretty crummy, though. The one my old company bought years ago used 2x3s for all of the framing and the rest of the construction was all chipboard. The wood must have been pretty green when it was assembled, too because all of the joints shrank away from each other. I ended up building a fully wired, comfy 12x12x12 shed (tall enough to accommodate a still) for r&d purposes for about $3k from $25 plans. It would have been even cheaper if I didn’t have to build it to accommodate a ca. 250 gal water tub.

I would imagine the sheds you see at the “Amish” roadside stands and the like are of superior quality and are about the same price for those who don’t have the skills, time or tools necessary.


the problem with the cheap big box sheds is they’re all made with the twistiest 2x3s in the lumber yard, untreated OSB, dollar-a-box hardware. Lifespan of a cheap dishwasher.

They do sell nice ones, though. There was a big modern-style one all built on the lot at the northside pittsburgh Home Depot at the end of last summer – a 144 square ft model they were having trouble getting rid of because (IIRC) the local code dropped the no-paperwork accessory structure limit to 120 square ft. So you had to pull zoning permits to get it. But that is a $50 trip to town hall, and the shed was less than half price, an amazing deal. Basically this exact thing here, but twice the size and $3000 and they’d deliver it finished.

Still kicking myself.


That’s the most expensive shed I’ve ever heard of.
I just converted an old travel trailer into a workshop. The trailer was free, as they all are. I spent a couple grand on materials and a couple months of spare-time work repairing the water damage and installing new interior surfaces. The results are quite gratifying.


I’m far from handy but holy hell 17K? I would much rather try to build one myself, as others have mentioned its likely better to buy a kit to go off of.


I remember a lumber yard in the 80s that had a planning desk… You could walk up with simple dimensions for a shed or a deck and the they would help you calculate the materials and determine any other supply or tool you may need to complete the job. Hard to imagine these days.


If you do get a shed: check your local building codes/zoning laws (or whatever building regulations are called in your neck of the woods) first.
And the bits of civil law that say what neighbours may or may not do.

Do not rely on what anyone who sells sheds or shedmaking materials tells you.


I was expecting to read “the mini offices are now available in the BoingBoing Store for 10% off…”


25% off if you agree to wear The Ears !


$17k is a lot of money for a structure without climate control. Or should it be sited so that it can be admired from afar when the snow is flying and the temperature doesn’t break 15ºF? Or am I being too practical-minded about this?

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Hang on! I may have an alternative here:


Says right there you can have a power cord and a desk fan for $631.


We’re in the market for a shed in the middling future. Current shed will have to be demolished to make way for a new storm drainage line.

I’ve been looking at the kits, and looking at just building one. Still haven’t decided. Kit advantage is that it’s simpler. Building advantage is that it will be better quality, and I can add a greenhouse.

Decisions, decisions…

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My bad. It isn’t such a bad deal after all!


Easy: just make your own kit!

(Seriously, though: I helped a friend once to make a pre-fab treehouse. A winter project in his garage. Easy-going constructing in comfort with all the tools within easy reach, test assemblies, alterations… Then astound everybody with the speed it goes up.)