Build your own private gyrocopter


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OK, so it’s “easy to build” and “easy to fly.” I am still a bit concerned that they make no promises about it being easy to LAND.


Pfft. It lands EVERY TIME! A child could land it.

Didn’t they used to call them Autogyros? Or is that technically 2 different things?


Landing is easy. It’s the walking away that’s the hard part.

No. An autogyro is a Greek sandwich that eats itself.


Gravity will take care of that for you. Once, anyway.


I’ve already built mine. The rest of you haven’t?


You couldn’t get a trained monkey to put me in one of those things…



Why a private gyrocopter?

When I was 16 years old, my parents and I discussed me perhaps buying a car. But I changed my mind and decided upon buying a cheap gyrocopter from some local classifieds. My parents freaked and erected a string of obstacles to sabotage my efforts of acquiring it. To this day I have never had a car.


I’ve always preferred Paraplanes for homebuilts. Worst case you’ve already got your parachute deployed.


I built one with a friend. We couldn’t agree on a name for it. Ruined a beautiful friendship.


Well, do you yet have access to a gyrocopter, at least?


I have no idea! It’s been yonks since I’ve even seen one. Probably not, I guess.


You should definitely build one from these plans and then lend it to anyone who asks, then. Shit, if I didn’t live on the other side of the Atlantic, I’d help just for the lulz.


It is definitively an autogyro.
An airplane with an unpowered rotating wing.


Wake me up when there’s a home-built dirigible kit.

[edit] Oh.


This will come in handy for the upcoming apocalypse.


If it doesn’t have precisely the number of rockets, flamethrowers, aerial mines and heat-seeking missiles required to take out Blofeld’s helicopters, I’m not interested. You can leave out the machine guns, though, they’re useless.


They go together really fast if you get a kit!



Until the reboot, anyway.