Bullets made of muscle, fat, and bone


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Immediate thought: Existenz gun


Like the icicle knife - they’re the perfect murder weapon?


Some people say a bullet is made out of mud,
My bullet’s made out of muscle and blood.



Didn’t myth busters do a meat bullet as part of the magic bullet segment on the JFK episode early on. Both ice and frozen meat were terrible bullets. Also turned out in another episode silver bullets are pretty ineffective.


Aren’t these called "Ich Luge " bullets?


Yeah, I thought this was going to be a post about committing the perfect crime. BoingBoing fails me again. #disappointed


My brane, being what it is, went immediately to the gutter; some of the crevices in the bullets look… well, phallic. Very Carlin-esque.


Consolation prize [spoiler alert!]:

‘“Lamb to the Slaughter” demonstrates [Roald] Dahl’s fascination with horror (with elements of black comedy), which is seen in both his adult fiction and his stories for children. The story was supposedly suggested to Dahl by his friend Ian Fleming: “Why don’t you have someone murder their husband with a frozen leg of mutton which she then serves to the detectives who come to investigate the murder?”.’

It was the perfect crime because the police investigators ate the evidence.

Update: Added spoiler alert; thanks @JonS.


Interesting approach, but I am not sure this will solve the problem of mass shooting.



It is, however, a breakthrough in high-speed food delivery.


Came here for that. Not disappoint.


I prefer lamb. You can serve it to the investigating officers after the fact.


For those like me who were disappointed about not finding a means of producing the perfect crime, here’s a different story that comes pretty darn close.

A Florida Man ™, a weather balloon, and a gun…


Made me LOL. You are a bad man.


Looked like lipstick to me.




Is that where Simon Green got the idea for The Talking Gun?


Sometimes a bullet art piece is just a bullet art piece…